Take Entertainment on the Road with the New Shaw Go YTV and Shaw Go Treehouse Apps

With my boys officially off school today, I know that I need to have plenty of entertainment lined up for them. At home they have toys, games and crafts to keep them occupied. But when we’re out and about visiting and running errands, the travel can start to take its toll. That’s why I was so excited to learn about the new Shaw Go apps that have just been released for Shaw Cable and Shaw Direct subscribers.

Shaw Go Treehouse and Shaw Go YTV apps are extensions of the company’s TV Anywhere content. The apps allow me to access top-quality children’s programming including Toopy & Binoo, The Backyardigans and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles while out and about anytime! I couldn’t wait to download the apps and see how they worked for us.

shaw go treehouse app

In rural Saskatchewan, one of the most important considerations for me with an app such as this is good video quality. There are often areas that don’t have the best cellular or WiFi coverage and if my boys can’t enjoy a video on a road trip without skips and pauses, then there’s little value in having the app. Fortunately, the Shaw Go Treehouse and Shaw Go YTV apps feature intelligent streaming to ensure that there is good video playback regardless of connection speed.

We tested out the apps on a recent trip to Regina. The drive isn’t terribly long, but it’s always nice for the boys to have something to do during the half-hour trip. Zackary was so excited to see how many of his favourite shows were available on the Shaw Go YTV app. He spent a happy 30 minutes watching Beyblade Metal Fury on our Android tablet. Benjamin used the Shaw Go Treehouse app and laughed along with an episode of My Big Big Friend on my phone.

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The apps feature a variety of different shows and contain approximately three episodes of each show. I especially liked some of the parent customization features on the Shaw Go YTV app. Zackary and Benjamin love to watch shows together, but some of the shows seven-year-old Zackary enjoys aren’t the best choice for four-year-old Benjamin. The Shaw Go YTV app lets me set a PIN to restrict some of the more mature content and customize the available shows for different age ranges so that the boys can choose one that they’ll both love!

These new apps are available on both iPhone and Android by visiting shaw.ca/shawgo or shawdirect.ca/shawgo and are really a win-win choice for Shaw Cable and Shaw Direct customers. There’s nothing that makes travelling during the holidays more of a frustration than having to try to pacify restless and impatient children on a long drive. But now kids can have a great time with their favourite shows anywhere and, best of all, the apps are free! If you’re a Shaw customer, prepare yourself for holiday fun now by downloading these apps to help keep kids entertained during Christmas!

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  1. we are going to be looking for apps for baby bug very soon as she gets more mobile and we need to travel! thanks for the great ideas!

  2. Judy C (Judy Cowan)

    Sounds like a great app! We are not with Shaw but my sister is so I will have to tell her about this, would be great for my niece.

  3. Great apps and so important when on a trip with the kids. I have a niece that can’t go a day without her Toopy & Binoo so I have to tell my sister about this.

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