Get Swept Away with Percy Jackson: Sea of Monsters on Blu-ray and DVD

Adventure and excitement abound with the recent release of Percy Jackson: Sea of Monsters on Blu-ray and DVD! This movie continues the story of Percy Jackson, the teenage son of Poseidon, as he sets out on a quest to save a magical tree that protects the earth. Here’s a brief synopsis:

The magical, mythical adventures of teenager Percy Jackson – son of the Greek god Poseidon – continue in this heroic, action-packed thrill ride! Out to prove he’s not just a “one-quest wonder,” Percy and his demigod friends embark on an epic, cross-country journey into the treacherous Sea of Monsters, where they battle terrifying creatures, an army of zombies and the ultimate evil. With time running out, Percy must find and bring home the famed Golden Fleece, which has the power to save his world…and save us all!

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I received a copy of the Blu-ray to review and as a big fantasy/sci-fi fan, I couldn’t wait to watch it. I didn’t see the first movie in the franchise and so one of my concerns was whether or not the movie would still be watchable without knowing all the previous details. But the film is really a stand-alone adventure, so seeing the first film in the series wasn’t necessary to be able to enjoy the movie.

While the special effects were lots of fun and the movie was full of action, what I really loved about Percy Jackson: Sea of Monsters was the way it combined ancient myths with the modern world. I’ve always been fascinated by mythology, so I know the stories of the Greek gods very well. The Sea of Monsters was actually the Bermuda Triangle and I was so excited to see Percy and his friends on a quest for the famed Golden Fleece hidden within.

While my boys are a bit young for this movie yet, it would be a great choice for a family with older children and fun for a tween or young teen movie night as well. And to help you get ready for action-packed fun, Twentieth Century Fox has created some great activity sheets! Download a Character Quest Word Search, a Which Demigod Are You Quiz or a Race to the Top of the Tower Game for a little mythic fun!

So why not take a day during the holiday break to whip up a few snacks, print off some activities and spend a night enjoying epic fun with Percy Jackson. This movie has plenty of adventure and great special effects that will have you on the edge of your seat!

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