Get Relief from Holiday Pain with Rub A535 Triple Action Cream

Even though the holidays are lots of fun, they can sometimes cause a bit of a strain on the body too! With so much hustle, bustle and activity during the holidays, there are all kinds of ways to end up stiff and sore.

Even when getting ready for the big day, my muscles were aching after days of running up and down the stairs carrying presents to put under the tree. And that’s just the start of the aches and pains you could face over the holidays!

Rub A535 knows how irritating muscle pain can be, and they have a few ideas of their own about the aches and pains you might have encountered over the holidays:

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  • You hoped for a white Christmas all month, but now that you’ve gotten one, you have to spend two hours shoveling to get the car out of the driveway. Ouch!
  • You lugged 30 pounds of holiday shopping bags around the mall for four hours because you couldn’t find the perfect gift for (insert impossible to buy-for relative here).
  • The acrobatics of retrieving gifts from various clever hiding places, most of them high up or down low so your sneaky family can’t find them.
  • You proudly served a turkey the size of a small automobile on a single platter, and then had to hold it aloft for ten minutes so photos could be taken.
  • Tripping over sprawled-out loved-ones as they recover from food-coma.
  • The in-laws are coming over to admire the décor and enjoy/judge your cooking. Outwardly, you are calm and collected but if there was any more tension in your shoulders, they would be touching your ears.
  • You are spending the holidays away from home, but your bags (and all of the presents you brought) haven’t made it to your destination.

Rub A535 is the perfect solution for those unexpected holiday aches and pains, and the best part is that unlike some muscle creams, it has a great, minty scent that’s soothing instead of overpowering.

I tried the new Rub A535 Triple Action Cream to soothe my shoulders and neck after bending over the computer too long and I loved how the quick cooling was soon replaced by a long-lasting warmth that soothed for hours.

‘But my favourite thing about this cream was that it absorbed completely into my skin with no greasy residue left behind!

No matter what strains you face during the holidays, Rub A535 puts relief at your fingertips with its soothing and muscle-relaxing formula. Give it a try for yourself to ensure a more relaxing and pain-free holiday season!

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373 thoughts on “Get Relief from Holiday Pain with Rub A535 Triple Action Cream”

  1. My neck and back…. after a injury from a car accident years ago I still have days where I feel like I will break into two..

  2. I got into a head collision ( not my fault), and Not only is Enclave totalled my back & neck are so sore & uncomfortable, even after 15 days

  3. I get weather related migraines, so those are not fun. Hard to get motivated to do things when you are not feeling 100 %.

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