Set the Mood for a Romantic Valentine’s Day with Party Supplies from Whish

It’s always nice to do something a little special on a special occasion, but making time for that can be hard! Even a goal as simple as creating a romantic table setting can be a bit of a chore when it’s just one more thing being packed into an already busy day!

This year though, Whish, a Canadian-based online party supply store, helped to make Valentine’s Day easier for me by sending me its Romantic Table for Two Ambiance Kit.

whish romantic table for two ambiance kit

This clever kit contains everything needed to create the perfect romantic Valentine’s Day place setting. Since there’s nothing less romantic than having to wash dishes after a meal, the plates, cutlery and glasses are disposable. The set also includes chocolates for each place setting, an adorable bud vase and two matching candleholders. There’s even a pashmina shawl that makes the perfect table runner and can be worn after the dinner is over.

whish valentine's day table

I decided to dress up the little bud vase with a simple embellishment by using a metallic paint pen to draw hearts on the vase and then filling it with red and white decorative crystals. It was a simple addition that gave the table a personal touch I loved. I enjoyed the fact that the kit came with menu cards with a suggested menu printed on it as well. I noticed that the menu was comprised of items that could easily be found ready to cook and serve in most grocery stores or delis. For the most part, I loved the menu but I have to admit, I’d be switching up the dessert! Berries are wonderful but Valentine’s Day calls for chocolate!

whish valentine's day table

whish romantic table for two

Creating a romantic table setting was so easy with this handy Romantic Table for Two Ambiance Kit from Whish and took no more time than setting the table for dinner normally did. Best of all, I actually had some extra free time after the meal too since I didn’t have to wash the dishes! For easy and stylish kits and decor items for all your favourite celebrations, Whish is sure to have products that you’ll love. Check out the selection for your next party, celebration or holiday and see how easy adding a special touch to a special day can be!

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  1. Mom of 4 & can’t remember my last date night ! …so I need to make it happen soon !!! Thank you for the romantic giveaway.

  2. Would love this for me and my husband! it would be the first time in a long long time since we have done anything for valentines

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