Celebrate #LoveYourPet Day by Ensuring Your Pet’s Health with Pets Plus Us

Pets are more than just a furry friend, they are an important member of the family. Our beloved Siamese-cross Racer has been a great addition to our household and we can’t wait to celebrate her presence in our family on February 20th with Love Your Pet Day and Pets Plus Us. Pets Plus Us is a new pet community and insurance provider. With Love Your Pet Day quickly approaching, the company is encouraging pet owners to consider what it means to really take care of your pet. After all, keeping our pets happy and healthy is part of showing our love for them.

Before adopting Racer, there were many things we needed to consider. The cost of caring for her was a huge concern. Food, treats, toys, beds? It all adds up. Take a peek at the chart below to get an idea of what to expect (and spend) in the first year of kittenhood.

kitten care infographic

Keep in mind that these are just a few of the anticipated expenses. Unfortunately, our pets aren’t invincible (although watching Racer leap from high shelves makes me think so), and occasionally we receive the unexpected vet bill. Pets Plus Us offers pet health insurance that could assist with these unplanned costs. Visit PetsPlusUs.com to learn more about how pet insurance works and see below for things to consider when selecting the right insurance plan:

  • Your pet’s species – Both cats and dogs need regular veterinarian care and can experience medical issues or accidents.
  • Your pet’s breed – There may be medical conditions associated with your pet’s breed. Knowing this can help you prepare for future medical needs.
  • Your financial resources – Your ability to proactively save and be diligent about keeping up aside funds for care related to illnesses and unexpected medical situations should be considered.
  • Your ability to pay for routine vet care – Consider the financial requirements to pay for the routine care your pet will need. As well, consider any previous medical issues your pet might have that may require ongoing care.

cat in suitcase

Adding a pet to your family is a big decision, but with proper planning, it brings so much joy to a household. Having Racer cuddled up on my lap on a cold night while I read or leaping around the house to the amusement of my boys is something I wouldn’t trade for anything in the world. That’s why I’m so glad there are programs such as Pet Plus Us to help ensure that no matter what the future holds, I’ll be able to keep my four-legged member of our family safe and healthy. What a perfect way to celebrate Love Your Pet day!

mommy kat and kids rp2

44 thoughts on “Celebrate #LoveYourPet Day by Ensuring Your Pet’s Health with Pets Plus Us”

  1. That’s great to have the costs all laid out like that so that people thinking of getting a pet can consider all factors.

  2. I always save for a rainy day, and pay for vet expenses as I go. Fortunately I have a vet that is reasonable with his rates.

  3. Pet insurance is a great way to take care of your pet. Especially for those who do not have allot of disposable income, for the just encase times.

  4. My “Ma” (not my real mom but a lady who is like a mom to me) has had her dog CJ for many many years and she insist on always having pet insurance coverage and it has saved her thousands of dollars!

  5. wished we would of known about pet insurance when we had Sam, our apricot toy poodle. His teeth were very poor when we got him at age 3. He lived to 14 and we then put him down as his teeth would have been too expensive to fix.

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