Add Convenience To Your Kitchen with the Luma Comfort IM200SS Stainless Steel Clear Ice Maker

There are some small appliances that I’ve considered adding to my home in the past, but decided against.

Usually I just feel like the appliance won’t provide enough benefit to offset the space the device would take up, since my kitchen is quite small.

But every once in a while I discover a new kitchen accessory that becomes an essential in my home so quickly that I wonder how I ever lived without it.

luma comfort ice maker im200ss

That’s what happened when Luma Comfort sent me its IM200SS Stainless Steel Portable Clear Ice Maker.

I’ve always thought ice makers were such neat appliances, but buying one seemed like a needless expense when I can make ice in a tray in the deep freeze. Boy, was I wrong!

I cannot believe how handy it is to have this compact little countertop appliance in my home and I would never want to be without one again.

The Luma Comfort Ice Maker has lots of great features to recommend it. It’s portable and compact, which is a definite plus in my limited space.

It makes crystal clear ice cubes in as little as fifteen minutes. And it can produce up to 28 lbs. of ice in a day!

I decided to install a shelf in the entryway that leads to the basement and put the ice machine there. It was the perfect place for the unit; it’s right beside my kitchen cooking area, my boys can help themselves to ice on their own and it doesn’t take up any of my valuable kitchen space.

luma comfort im200ss ice maker

After installing the ice machine and plugging it in, I filled the back reservoir with water. The water drips down the front of the ice tray, cycling through the device to ensure that no water is wasted.

When the ice cube tray has been filled and frozen, the ice drops out into the bin to be scooped up as needed. The process was convenient and waste free since any ice in the bin that melts also cycles back through the machine to produce more ice cubes.

Everyone that uses the freezer to make ice cubes knows that every time you really want to add them to your drink or use them in a recipe, there’s no ice in the house. Those days are over forever in our house and I can’t believe how convenient it is to have ice always ready to use.

My boys have been drinking more water since they both love adding their own ice cubes to their drinks, and I can whip up easy and healthy breakfast smoothies with fresh fruit, yogurt and a handful of ice cubes whenever I like!

clear ice luma comfort ice maker

This ice maker has been such a great addition to our household, and I am so happy to have had the chance to give it a try. Not only does it ensure that I always have ice when needed, the ice itself actually lasts longer too, since clear ice melts five times more slowly than cloudy ice!

Whether you entertain regularly or you just love your drinks icy cold, the Luma Comfort IM200SS Ice Maker is a must. Give it a try and see how quickly it becomes a household essential!

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  1. ice. omg i love ice. if there was one benefit to being locked up on the maternity ward for 28 days before i had my daughter it was the ice machine. who needs beverages! I just want ice!!!!

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