Disney’s Saving Mr. Banks Now Available on Blu-Ray and DVD

It’s not often that I eagerly await my chance to see a movie, but I have to admit that from the first time I saw a preview of Disney’s Saving Mr. Banks, I knew I wanted to watch it. Now at last it is now available on Blu-ray and DVD and recently I received a copy to review. Here’s a brief synopsis of the movie:

saving mr. banks box artTom Hanks and Emma Thompson bring to life the untold true story about the origins of one of the most treasured Disney classics of all time. John Lee Hancock directs this acclaimed film, which reveals the surprising backstory behind the making of Mary Poppins.

Determined to fulfill a promise to his daughters, Walt Disney tries for twenty years to obtain the rights to author P.L. Travers’ beloved book. Armed with his iconic creative vision, Walt pulls out all the stops, but the uncompromising Travers won’t budge. Only when he reaches into his own complicated childhood does Walt discover the truth about the ghosts that haunt Travers, and together, they set Mary Poppins free!

I think my desire to see this movie so badly stemmed partly from the fact that I love the movie Mary Poppins so much. The idea that it might not have been created was fascinating to me and I loved learning the story behind the movie I love watching to this day.

Saving Mr. Banks had a great mix of history, humour and sentimentality that kept me interested from beginning to end. Having just experienced Disneyland for the first time last year, seeing behind the scenes of a Disney movie was an especially interesting experience for me and overall, the film had me enthralled as I watched Mary Poppins being created and learned how the individual personalities of Walt Disney and P.L. Travers were so instrumental in its creation.

Saving Mr. Banks is available now on Blu-ray Combo Pack so grab your copy and discover the story behind one of the most popular children’s musicals of all time. It’s a great way to experience the true magic that went into making Mary Poppins, thanks to the imagination and determination of two very extraordinary people!

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