New Mega Bloks #AmericanBuilders Sets Are Full of Tough-Built Fun

Mega Bloks has so many great new sets for older children this year and as my oldest son is hugely obsessed with building sets, I couldn’t be happier about it. Recently, Mega Bloks released the brand new American Builders line, a collection of building sets featuring the Jeep and CAT and John Deere vehicles. We received the Mega Bloks American Builders Jeep Off-Road Adventure set to review and as my boys both have a huge love of vehicles, I knew this was a set that they would both enjoy.

mega bloks american builders set

Zackary is old enough now to tackle large, intricate building sets on his own, so he was happy to have the chance to put this set together. He worked on it from start to finish and it took him a full afternoon, but when he was done, I could see that this set would be providing a lot more fun in the coming days!

Zackary and Benjamin both sat down to play with the set, and I was so happy that it included two Jeep vehicles so that they could play together. Driving the Jeeps over the test track was a huge source of entertainment, but I think the boys had even more fun with the tow rope and the transport trailer that were part of the set. They took turns getting their vehicles into trouble while the other came to the rescue.

The other big highlight of this set for my boys was the four micro action figures. Any set with figures to play with is one that my boys absolutely adore and often they’ll abandon the actual play set altogether as they roam around the house with the characters. This set was no exception and the fact that each character came with an accessory made the playtime especially fun. While I had to settle a few arguments about who got the flashlight and who got the camera, overall the boys had a great time using the micro action figures to create their own intricate stories.

mega bloks american builders jeep

Mega Bloks American Builders sets are available now across North America and are so much fun for vehicle and construction loving kids. Find them at your nearest toy store and let your children build and play with their favourite vehicles, tractors and construction equipment. These sets are sure to provide plenty of entertainment and fun long after the building is done!

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