Make Your Look Sparkle with OPI Spotlight on Glitter Nail Lacquers

As a teenager, I had no interest in anything girly but as an adult, I love all things feminine. From fun makeup to cute fashions to anything pink or sparkly, my thirties have been all about embracing my inner girl. So the new Spotlight on Glitter collection from OPI was right up my alley. This set of six nail lacquers can be worn either on their own or as top coats to add sexy sparkle to solid nail colours. I recently received the collection to try, and I couldn’t wait to bling out my nails!

opi spotlight on gllitter color my rainbow

I often tell people that my favourite colour is rainbow, so when I saw the Chasing Rainbows shade, I knew that it would be the first one I tried. The polish features glitter of different colours and sizes in a clear lacquer, which makes it perfect as a top coat, but I wanted to see the polish sparkle all on its own. It takes a fairly thick coat to get a good covering of the rainbow glitter, but that one thick coat was all I needed for a great sparkly nail look! This polish was fun and light-hearted, just like me, and I completely fell in love with it.

As far as metallic colours are concerned, copper has been a favourite shade with me for years, though I do love a little silver and gold sometimes too. So I decided to try the Rose of Light polish, a sexy rose gold glitter, the next time I used this collection. The glitter is much smaller than the multi-sized glitter of the Chasing Rainbows polish, which results in a more subtle sparkling effect. While I wore this shade on its own as well, I know it will make an absolutely amazing topcoat, especially over a nice cream or tan polish.

As someone that is still a bit of a nail polish newbie, what I love most about glitter polishes is that they’re so forgiving. Precise application doesn’t matter quite as much and cleaning up a little smear or smudge is incredibly easy. A glitter polish is also a great way of disguising imperfection after applying a solid colour polish while adding extra sparkle as well!

opi spotlight on glitter rose of light

This collection is one that I know I’ll be using often, and I can’t wait to add sparkle to my look this spring. If you love glitz and glam, the Spotlight on Glitter polishes are ones that you won’t want to miss. The collection is available this month at stores across North America so pick out a few and get girly with your nails!

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  1. I tell people my favorite color is plaid so I highly approve of rainbow being yours :D You can never go wrong with a sparkly nail :)

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