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I am a huge believer in the importance of probiotics, but finding the most effective variety can be incredibly confusing. So many different probiotic formulations promise amazing benefits and I end up not knowing which one is the best choice for me. But when Whole Body Research offered me the chance to try its new Keybiotics dietary supplement, I knew right away that it was a product I was going to love.

Whole Body Research dedicates itself to providing 100% pure, natural and non-contaminated supplements with no synthetic fillers, artificial ingredients or preservatives. The high quality of the company’s products and the fact that all of its supplements are tested for purity by independent third-party labs was why I was sure the new Keybiotics supplement was going to be a winner. And I wasn’t disappointed.

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The supplement contains 14 unique strains of probiotics including the superstrain Lactobacillus Acidophilus DDS-1. What makes this one strain so special is that it adapts to the human digestive system better than other probiotics. That means that Keybiotics is engineered to withstand stomach acids and bile so that more of the active cultures populate your gastrointestinal tract. And that provides benefits such as increased energy, reduced gas and bloating, weight management, a bolstered immune system and mental alertness.

Personally, the biggest difference I noticed after taking Keybiotics for about one week was the increase in my energy levels. I had been having issues with afternoon fatigue for a few weeks and it was starting to reach the point that I would literally fall asleep while working in the afternoon. Within about five days of using Keybiotics, my energy levels had jumped back up and I was sailing through my day with ease. And while both of my boys developed coughs and runny noses as winter wound to a close, I’ve managed to avoid any early spring illnesses too!

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Whole Body Research wants to give you the chance to enjoy optimal health this spring too, so the company has put together a very special giveaway! One lucky Mommy Kat and Kids reader is going to win a Whole Body Research Prize Pack containing Adult Multi-Vitamins, Natural Calcium, 100% Whole Food Vitamin C and Keybiotics supplements, a $136 value! To enter to win, just visit the Whole Body Research website and leave a blog comment about which product you would most like to try.

The benefits of using Keybiotics have been fabulous for me so far and I really appreciate the high quality standards that Whole Body Research applies to all its products. This supplement, for example, is lactose free, gluten free and 100% vegetarian with such incredible potency. Order Keybiotics on the Whole Body Research website or check out the company’s other pure and additive-free products. And make sure to check out the Whole Body Research Facebook page for the latest news and special promotions too! You’ll love the natural ingredients and high quality of these incredible supplements!
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