Houses Smell Fresh with New Playtex Diaper Genie Carbon Filters

It’s funny how quickly a mother forgets the smell of dirty diapers once her kids are potty trained, yet how quick the memory returns when there is a baby in the house once more. When my boys were younger, a Diaper Genie was a product that I’d often thought about buying, but I never actually followed through. The smell of dirty diapers was something that I just got used to after a while, but I was sure happy when those diaper days were over!

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Then my sister came to visit for a week and with not one, but two little ones in diapers, that distinctive scent was once again filling my house. And I was shocked at just how strong it was! My sister actually has a Diaper Genie in her own house, but since Playtex had just released a brand new Diaper Genie Carbon Filter to help eliminate smells even better, I decided the timing was perfect to set up my own Diaper Genie and see how the filters worked in it.

These filters have a great compact design and a reusable Carbon Filter Case that can be refilled with fresh filters again and again. The system includes the case and four filters with each one providing up to 90 days of freshness! The case also features an adhesive back so that it can attach to the bottom of the Diaper Genie lid. I just took the filter out of the wrapping, put it inside the case and attached the unit to the Diaper Genie. Then I was ready to see how it worked!

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One of the things that I really love about the new Diaper Genie Carbon Filters is that they are safe and natural. The activated carbon locks odours away to ensure that even when the lid of the Diaper Genie is opened, less smell escapes. I noticed the difference almost immediately once I started using the Diaper Genie in combination with the filters and it was such a relief to get rid of the smell of stinky diapers once again!

But my favourite thing about these filters is that they can be used anywhere that they’re needed, not just in the Diaper Genie! Whether you want to attach one near your child’s potty when he’s potty training or in your older child’s stinky gym bag, you’ll love how versatile these compact little filters are! Personally, I think I’m going to get one to attach to the lid of our kitchen garbage pail as well, just because that one garbage always seems to get especially smelly.

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Diapers are a dirty business, but they don’t have to be a smelly one if you have a Diaper Genie and the new Diaper Genie Carbon Filters in the house! And once you see how well they work, you may just want them for other places in your home too! Check out these handy new filters and say goodbye to that dirty diaper smell for good. The difference they make really is amazing!

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36 thoughts on “Houses Smell Fresh with New Playtex Diaper Genie Carbon Filters”

  1. Now that’s a great idea!! Diaper Genie’s need something like this to keep that smell down, or else you got one smelly nursery lol. Awesome product!!

  2. Elizabeth Matthiesen

    what a great idea, they should have come up with this sooner! I hated the smell of ammonia that arose from the diaper bucket – in my day there was no such thing as a Diaper Genie either.

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