Take Control of Your Child’s Screen Time with Kidoodle.TV

Television is really not something that I enjoy so about a year ago, I disconnected the satellite in my house. I’d started to feel as if I was paying money every month for the two children’s channels that my boys watched. With plenty of DVDs, I didn’t see any need to have anything else.

It worked fairly well at first, but I noticed two distinct problems after a while. The first was that my boys craved variety. Even with the large number of DVDs at their disposal, they often asked about shows they had loved prior to my disconnecting the satellite.

The second was that, when left to their own devices, they’d often sit in front of the television for hours watching the same shows over and over. Needless, to say, I didn’t approve of that at all! But at the same time, I had trouble monitoring the time they spent in front of the television.

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Kidoodle.TV sounded like the perfect solution for me, and recently I got a chance to test out the service for myself. This online streaming network features a variety of popular children’s shows so that kids can find all kinds of fun new content to enjoy.

But what really sets this service apart from the competition is the high level of parental control. Not only can I customize the programs that are displayed to my boys, I can set a time limit so that they can only watch until the timer runs out.

Best of all, adjusting the settings is so easy! The site features a handy Parent’s Room that lets me choose the shows my boys can watch, either automatically by age or through a manual selection process, and set the time limit they have to use the service.

I liked that I could set up a different profile for each of my boys so that they would both have programs that suited them, and the fact that I could access the Parent’s Room at any time by entering a quick PIN code.

And for those that prefer to go mobile, there’s even a Kidoodle.TV app so that you can take your child’s favourite shows on the road!

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There’s plenty to love about Kidoodle.TV, from the ad-free content to the easy customization to the fact that parents can create up to FIVE different profiles for children.

But for me, what makes this streaming service my newest essential is the time-limit control. Since I work from home, I often get into a groove with work and before I know it, a few hours have passed.

The boys used to be able to sneak in a good amount of extra screen time by taking advantage of that fact, but now I can ensure that when I say they can watch one hour of television, they actually only watch one hour!

No matter what your challenges are with screen time for your children, Kidoodle.TV likely has features that will help, so give it a try for free and see how it works for your family!

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