Celebrate Motherhood with Top Items from the Distinctive Assets Mother’s Day in Hollywood Gift Basket

Every Mother’s Day in Hollywood, 25 of the top new celebrity moms are treated to a gorgeous gift basket created by the LA-based marketing firm Distinctive Assets.

Packed with tons of designer items for Mom and Baby, these gift baskets are always extraordinary and this year was no exception! Celebrity moms and moms-to-be including Gwen Stefani, Jennifer Love Hewitt and Scarlett Johansson enjoyed all kinds of fun and fabulous products from Hasbro, Sartori, CherryT Knit & Co, Bailey Berry and many others!

distinctive assets mother's day in hollywood 2014

I received an assortment of products from the Mother’s Day in Hollywood gift basket so that I could enjoy my own star treatment. From adorable designer panties from ROAM to luxurious makeup base from Bellefontaine to delicious Bhakti Chai concentrate, there were so many fabulous products in my package.

I fell in love with the Bellefontaine Refining Serene Make-Up Base the first time I tried it; not only did it provide extra nourishment for my skin, it also added a great glow to my face that left my complexion looking flawless after applying makeup.

bellefontaine make-up base

I’ve loved Chai tea since I was a teenager, so I was pretty curious about the Bhakti Chai Original Concentrate. This mix is rich with ginger and spice flavour and I loved that I could mix it with milk and pour it over ice for a refreshing summer drink instead of just enjoying it hot all the time.

But Bhakti Chai is special for another reason. The company is committed to empowering women and girls and allocates a portion of its proceeds to charitable organizations that work to do just that.

iced bhakti chai

Nostalgia Baskets provided a cute mini teddy bear and flowers along with a $150 gift certificate, enough for a ten-item customized gift basket.

This company has one of the most fabulous gift basket concepts I’ve ever seen; rather than just sending generic themed baskets to recipients, the buyer provides personal information about the recipient and the company uses that information to create a completely original and personalized gift basket.

nostalgia baskets

I have a bit of a lingerie obsession, so I had to try on the cute Honeydew Panties from ROAM almost immediately. And I can’t wait to spend the gift card on some of the company’s gorgeous designer clothing and accessories curated from around the globe. The dresses are tempting me especially; there’s nothing better than a cute new dress for summer!

roam honeydew panties

But of all the items I received, the gorgeous handcrafted creations from The Artisan Group were what really impressed me. This group of almost 1000 women create some of the most stunning and meaningful items I’ve ever seen.

I received an assortment of items including Tiny Handprints handcrafted porcelain earrings from Carol Milich, a beautiful Love Knot Necklace from HeidiLeeDesigns, a set of essential oil perfumes from Pure Natural Diva, a cosmetics bag from Mama Mahoney Creations and a Citrus Tomato Leaf candle from Candle Krazy.

The skill and love that went into creating every one of these items was so obvious from their quality, and just a small sampling of the many gorgeous pieces created by the talented member of The Artisan Group.

artisan group items

I adore the indulgence of the items from the Mother’s Day in Hollywood gift basket and it’s introduced me to a few brands that I know will become favourites.

I can’t imagine a more special gift than one of the personalized gift baskets from Nostalgia Gift Baskets the next time I’m shopping for a loved one, and the Bhakti Chai Original Concentrate is so delicious that I’ll certainly be getting more once I’ve finished the bottle I have.

Take a look at some of the products these top brands have to offer and treat yourself like a celebrity for a day…after all, us moms deserve it!

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  1. Doreen Lamoureux

    Chai tea for sure. I have heard lots about it but have not tried it yet. I have tried Matcha tea and Mortinga tea and love those.

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