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Since I’m lucky enough to live in a house with a big backyard, one of my favourite summer activities is gardening. While some women tend to favour flowers, I’ve always preferred practical plants and so gardening for me involves starting and growing fresh vegetables and herbs to feed my family through the sunny summer months. Now that my boys are getting older, I’ve begun to get them involved in the process as well and this year, Canadian Tire sent me a fabulous assortment of gardening supplies to help my boys and I get our vegetables growing!

boy with gardening supplies

I especially loved the sweet little Kids Cup Seed Kits, which featured a peat pot, a starter soil pellet and three seeds from kid-friendly plants such as watermelon and sunflower. The boys had a great time filling the cup with water and watching the soil expand. Then they carefully pushed the seeds into the soil and set the pots in a sunny window to grow. Once the plants have sprouted, we’ll be able to remove the peat pot from the little cup and plant it in the garden!

The boys also each received a large yellow planter pot perfect for a few starter plants from the greenhouse. We transferred a tomato plant to one and a red chili plant to the other. I love the way the cheery yellow pots brighten up my backyard décor, and I can’t wait until the plants produce some yummy fresh vegetables for us!

boy planting seeds

Canadian Tire also included a $25 gift card so that we could pick up some other vegetable seeds for the large main garden. Carrots, peas, spinach and zucchini are always included in our garden, and this year I’m going to section off a portion of the garden for raspberries as well! Our back yard used to have a fairly nice raspberry patch but it eventually got choked out by grass and weeds. I’m hoping by moving it to the garden, I’ll actually be able to keep the raspberries producing!

Want to get out into the garden with your children? Canadian Tire has a fabulous kid-friendly giveaway just for you! One lucky Mommy Kat and Kids reader is going to win a Gardening with Kids prize pack including mom and child gardening gloves, a set of gardening tools, a yellow planter, Kids Cup Seed Kits and a $25 Canadian Tire gift card, a $65 total value! To enter to win, just leave a blog comment about your favourite thing to grow in the garden.

canadian tire gardening prize pack

While I love growing vegetables with my boys just because it’s fun, I also believe that it’s an important way of teaching them about where their food comes from and how they can be a part of the process. And best of all, growing their own food encourages my boys to eat healthier too! Whether you just buy a little planter box for your balcony or you have a large garden like I do, growing a few vegetables with your kids is always a great way to spend time together. Grab the supplies you’ll need at your nearest Canadian Tire and let your child grow something tasty this summer!
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  1. I currently only have tulips and daffodils in my small garden, but my kids have been asking me if they can start a vegetable garden. This set would be great for them to help me.

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