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Overall I eat pretty healthy but snacks are definitely my weakness. I am horrible for skipping breakfast, I eat sensibly at lunch and supper, but during the day when I get a craving for something to eat, I often end up grabbing a snack made of chocolate with no nutritional value. Considering I strive to eat a high protein diet with plenty of fruits and vegetables, it goes without saying that chocolate is not the best snack choice for me.

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But I still want to be able to satisfy that urge for something sweet, and that’s why Mercola Pure Power Protein Bars sounded like they just might be the ideal solution for a chocolate-lover like me. These bars are organic, vegan, gluten-free and feature a complete amino acid profile. And with 14g of brown rice and yellow split pea protein, they’re packed with nutrition too!

The bars themselves are rich and dense with a great peanut flavour and dark chocolate chips. At 220 calories they’re a fairly reasonable snack portion too! In fact, I’ve started trying to better my breakfast bad habits by having one of these bars in the morning. I get a boost of protein and fibre while satisfying my craving for something sweet. So far, it’s been a great way to avoid those afternoon snack binges!

Want to snack a little healthier too? is very generously offering one lucky Mommy Kat and Kids reader two cases of Mercola Pure Power Protein Bars, a $66 value! To enter to win, just leave a blog comment about what you like most about the protein bars.

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These bars are so tasty and have been a great alternative to my usual snacks for those days when I just can’t resist eating something sweet. But as great as they taste, it’s the way they fill me up and leave me feeling full for hours that I really appreciate. If you need a better snack alternative, Mercola Pure Power Protein Bars are a great choice that’s been created with plenty of research, top raw, organic ingredients and maximum nutrition. What a great way to boost that afternoon energy!
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