New Dare REALFRUIT Berries and Chews are Perfect for Summer Snacking

My boys and I live a pretty healthy lifestyle, complete with plenty of daily physical activity and a wide variety of wholesome foods. But all three of us have one big weakness when it comes to healthy eating…candy! It’s only natural that Zackary and Benjamin, at four and eight years of age, would be big fans of candy but I have to admit I’m as bad as they are. I resist the cravings for the most part but every once in a while I just have to indulge!

When that happens, I often buy a bag of Dare REALFRUIT Gummies. With real fruit juice in a variety of flavours, they’re a more natural choice for a delicious sweet treat. And now, Dare Candy Co has released two brand new candies perfect for summer snacking! Dare REALFRUIT Berries are soft and chewy bite-sized berries made with real raspberry juice. The berries are peanut-free, gluten-free, gelatin-free, fat-free and have no artificial colours or flavours. And Dare REALFRUIT Chews are gluten-free, come in five delicious flavours, are made with real fruit juice and also contain no artificial colours or flavours!

dre realfruit berries and chews

My boys and I received samples of the new Dare REALFRUIT candies to test out and of course, all three of us were happy to take on the task. We tried the Dare REALFRUIT Berries first and Benjamin especially just loved them. He tends to favour softer, sweeter candies and the rich raspberry flavour of the berries was perfect for him. I liked how easy portion control was with the berries too; when my boys wanted a snack I could quickly count out five or ten berries for each of them for a reasonably-sized treat.

Next we tried the Dare REALFRUIT Chews and even though I absolutely love the original gummies, I have to say that the chews have officially become my new favourite. These chews are individually wrapped and the fruit flavours are so refreshing. I like being able to have just one or two for a sweet snack in the afternoon, and the chewy texture lets me enjoy them longer than most other candies.

dare realfruit berries in bowl

We’ve been on the road a fair bit this summer already and one of the things I like most about the new Dare REALFRUIT Berries and Chews is how portable they are! For a long car ride or a day trip to the beach, a bag of Dare REALFRUIT Berries is a fun and delicious snack choice for the afternoon. And since they’re peanut-free and gluten-free, they’re perfect for sharing with friends too! As for the Dare REALFRUIT Chews, I like to toss a small handful in my purse so that I can pull one out whenever it might come in handy. For endless waits in line or those times when errands are taking longer than expected, they’re a lifesaver for keeping the boys happy!

dare realfruit berries and chews prize pack

I’ll likely never outgrow my love of candy, but thanks to companies like Dare, I can make better snack choices when indulging myself. These sweet treats with no artificial colours or flavours are the ideal way for my boys and me to satisfy our love of candy while still being sensible about it. Find the new Dare REALFRUIT Berries and Chews at grocery stores across Canada and enjoy some fun snacks this summer made with good-for-you ingredients!

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  1. I am entering your giveaway.
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    In response to your question of Which would you rather try first the Dare REALFRUIT Berries or Chews?
    I want to try the Dare REALFRUIT Berries first.
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