Summer is More Refreshing with Molson Canadian 67 #TangerineTwist

After a long week of work, there’s nothing I love more than relaxing in the backyard with a cold drink enjoying the summer sun. And when I’m choosing a drink, I want something that’s fruity, summery and won’t leave me feeling bloated or weighed down.

This year, Molson Canadian 67 has created the perfect summer beverage for women like me: new Molson Canadian 67 Tangerine Twist. This light beer with a hint of tangerine flavour has only 67 calories per serving and is available for a limited time in select provinces across Canada!

molson canadian 67 tangerine twist

I picked up a six-pack of the new Molson Canadian 67 Tangerine Twist to share with a friend and from the first sip, I knew I’d found a favourite new summer beverage. I’m not actually that fond of the flavour of orange in drinks, so I was a little hesitant about this beer at first. But the hint of tangerine adds the perfect citrus flavour to the beer without being overwhelming.

I’ve served this beer a few times now when enjoying a relaxing drink with the girls, and every time I’ve gotten a great reaction. While the low calories are great, I think it’s the summery flavour that really wins people over. I have to admit, I’m going to be sad when I can’t get it anymore!

For any upcoming summer gatherings, this light and refreshing summer beer is sure to be a crowd-pleaser. And the low calories and low alcohol content make it a sensible choice as well! Pick some up at your local liquor store and enjoy the great citrus taste while you still can!

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