Arnicare Gel and Other Boiron Products Help Families Enjoy Summer More #BoironFamily

When the warm weather arrives, my boys and I are outside more than we’re inside and that means we end up with plenty of summer irritations too. From minor strains and sprains to itchy insect bites to scrapes and burns, my boys and I frequently deal with those little inconvenient injuries that don’t really slow us down but sure do annoy us!

And when choosing a way to treat those injuries, I like to make sure I’m picking homeopathic products whenever possible. That’s why I’ve been a fan of Boiron ever since my boys were infants and this summer, the company has a fabulous line of Arnicare products perfect for muscle strains, aches and bruises.

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I am notorious for bruising easily and it’s actually fairly unusual to see me with legs that don’t have at least a few bruises on them, so I was very excited about this naturally-sourced collection. I also appreciated that it relieved muscle strains and sprains, since I’ll often stay fairly sedentary during the week and then end up overdoing my activity level on the weekends. In fact, when dropping off my boys for a visit with my mom, I went out for a gallop on my sister’s horse and while my legs were fine after, I couldn’t believe how sore my shoulders and neck were the next day! I decided the timing was perfect to test out the Arnicare products.

The Arnicare collection uses arnica and calendula to naturally speed the healing of bruises, strains and sprains. One of the most intriguing things about this line is that Boiron also offers an oral supplement as well as a topical one. I started taking the tablets immediately and I can’t wait to see if taking the chewable tablets each day helps my bruises to heal faster! I used the Arnicare Gel in the meantime to sooth my strained shoulders and within an hour I was already feeling the relief.

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Boiron also offers a variety of other summer essentials including Cocculine for motion sickness, Dapis Gel for bug bites and Cicadermine for skin and nasal irritations. Personally, living in the Qu’Appelle Valley, our family needs all the bug bite care it can get. I loved the Dapis Gel because it absorbed quickly and featured a pleasant cooling effect that provided instant relief. I also appreciated having the Calendula Gel on hand to sooth minor skin irritations quickly and effectively.

Being active in the summer almost inevitably leads to some minor bumps, bruises, burns and scrapes but Boiron products are a perfect solution for those little injuries and the treatments are appropriate for the whole family. In fact, my boys enjoy the Arnicare tablets so much that they tend to stop crying after a bump as soon as they’ve gotten to take one of the quick-dissolving pills! Check out the Arnicare collection and other essential summer products from Boiron and pick up a few to help ensure your family feels great all summer long!

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  1. I’ve heard that the arnica flower has amazing healing properties, but i wasnt sure how to go about purchasing it! This product looks awesome thanks for the review!

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