Eliminate Snack Spills with Playtex Twist ‘N Click Snacker Cups

What makes Playtex Infant such a fabulous company in my mind is its constant innovation. And while there are a few products that showcase that characteristic, my personal favourite is the Twist ‘N Click line of bowls and snack cups. There is nothing worse than having food or snacks spill or leak out of their containers and so when Playtex made it a goal to solve the problem, I knew I had to check it out.

What really appeals to me about this line is that it’s perfect for travelling and my favourite travel accessory is the Twist ‘N Click Snacker Cup. My boys are fairly good about eating in the car, but every once in a while something goes wrong and I end up having to clean up a huge mess. In fact, on our last road trip my youngest son managed to spill chocolate milk all over himself and the seat not just once, but twice!

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While the Snacker Cups may not help with chocolate milk messes, they do ensure that bite-sized snacks stay in the cup even if it’s tipped over or dropped. The innovative flexible flower-shaped top of the Snacker lets children help themselves to snacks while still keeping them safely inside. When snack time is done, the Spill-Proof lid then flips around and snaps into place on top to keep food contained!

The really impressive thing about the Playtex Twist ‘N Click Snacker is how effective the flexible top is at keeping even heavy food from falling out. I’ve used the cups for small crackers or cereal before and been impressed, but when the containers even kept bite-sized pieces of fruit from falling out, I knew this product was a must. Even with the heavier weight of the fruit, the top of the container kept the food contained!

The Playtex Twist ‘N Click Snacker cups are such a great choice for messy toddlers or busy moms, and I love the fun colours and clever design that makes my life easier while still letting my boys be independent. Give them a try and see how Playtex has made snacking even better!

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