Organize Your Household and Preserve School Memories with the Fellowes Saturn2 95 Laminator-Giveaway

There are some devices that I don’t even realize I need until I try them, and then I wonder how I ever got by without them. Recently I added just such a gadget to my household: the Fellowes Saturn2 95 Laminator. While I remembered how much I loved having school projects laminated when I was young, and still love having my boys bring home laminated artwork now, I never would have thought I needed one in the house.

fellowes saturn2 95 laminator

But I was wrong! This little laminator is incredibly compact, easy to use and lets me preserve so many precious memories and important papers that might otherwise be lost or destroyed over time. The Saturn2 95 works with simple laminating bags so I just slip in the paper or art project I want to laminate, send it through the machine and admire the results. With school starting soon, it’s the perfect way of saving all the extra special projects that kids will soon be bringing home!

fellowes saturn2 95 laminator in use

I have a special drawer for the art and pictures my boys create that I find especially entertaining or meaningful, so I decided that the first thing I would laminate would be one of those projects. And as soon as I saw Zackary’s story and picture about what he will be like when he is 100 years old, I knew I’d found a memory I wanted to keep forever!

The pouches are only closed at one end so to laminate, I simply opened the pouch all the way, set the paper in place and then folded the top back down. Then I turned on the machine and chose the 3mm hot laminating thickness. After a few minutes of heating, the machine beeped and I knew it was ready to preserve my son’s picture! The pouches feed through automatically in just seconds and cool just as quickly so by the time the paper was done, it was already cool. And the results were fabulous!

laminated school story

But I quickly realized that I had much more than just children’s artwork to preserve! Many of my favourite recipes are ones that were passed down from my mother or printed off favourite websites and I currently just had them in a paper folder in the kitchen. Many were stained and damaged and some I would be terribly upset to lose. I laminated one of my favourite recipes, the one for my mom’s Finnish Pulla Bread, to ensure it would never be damaged or destroyed. And it worked so well that I have a feeling I may just put together a whole laminated cookbook!

recipe page in laminator pouch

Fellowes wants to help you protect and preserve your special papers and important documents too, so the company is very generously offering one lucky Mommy Kat and Kids reader their very own Saturn2 95 Laminator, a $170 value! To enter to win, just leave a blog comment about what you would laminate first if you won.

fellowes laminator settings

Personally, I’ve thought of a few more papers that I’ll be laminating in the coming weeks as school kicks off. Benjamin’s annual calendar is a must since he attends school on alternate days and keeping track of his constantly changing schedule can be hard. And Zack’s class list is always handy to have in good condition for birthday party invitations, writing Valentines and scheduling get-togethers. Fellowes Laminators are available at office supply stores across North America, so add one to your house and see how it helps organize your life and protect your special memories. It’s a great tool for any busy family!
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  1. How awesome is this giveaway! I feel like I would go on a crazy laminating spree haha. I would definitely love to laminate first my childrens special school work/art projects. Then maybe my cooking recipes.

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