Ford Canada’s 5 Tips for Eco-Friendly Tailgating

Living in Saskatchewan, it goes without saying that tailgating is a big thing when football season kicks off. And recently I had the chance to visit the Regina Farmer’s Market and see how Ford Canada is helping to turn tailgating into an eco-friendly experience with the help of the 2014 Ford C-MAX Hybrid.

boys tailgating ford c-max

While the big push towards eco-friendly vehicles is partly due to a desire to protect our environment, it’s also a result of wanting to save money…especially with gas prices rising all the time! That’s what makes the C-MAX Hybrid such a perfect vehicle for heading to the game with friends. And to help make your next tailgating party more eco-friendly, Ford has some great tips for you!

ford eco-friendly tailgating tips

The More the Merrier

Meeting at one location and driving only one vehicle to the game will result in lower fuel costs and environmental impact. Make even more of a difference by driving a hybrid or alternative-fuel vehicle!

Chuck the Charcoal

Charcoal barbecues result in almost three times as much CO2 being released into the air compared to other barbequing options. Instead, choose a propane grill that will fit into the trunk or cargo area of the vehicle.

Energy On Board

More and more newer vehicles are now equipped with standard plugs. Use those to power up your stereo or charge your phone and leave the gas-guzzling generator at home.

Dish It Out

Generating zero waste when serving up tasty treats doesn’t have to be difficult. Just choose reusable plastic tumblers and plates from home over paper or foam options!

Recycling to Go

Instead of tossing those cans and bottles in the trash, bring along a bin and set up a mini recycling centre in the back of the vehicle.

ford c-max trunk recycling centre

With the right vehicle and a little preparation, even a tailgating party can be kind to the environment. And that’s a good thing since there’s no more enjoyable summer activity than spending time with family and friends outdoors getting ready for the big game!

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  1. very cute! its funny cause when we would go to my sons soccer game if he played on the first field we would tailgate it!!

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