Charge All Your Household’s Devices Easily with the Eggtronic HUB IT Sync & Charge Station-Giveaway

Running a website, it goes without saying that my house has quite a bit of technology. In fact, I have two different phones, a tablet, a small digital video camera and a DSLR that I use on a regular basis. I have charge cords for all of them but I must admit that I often misplace my chargers and end up having to hunt around for the specific one that I need. And since they all have different types of connectors, I can’t necessarily use one cable for all my devices.

Eggtronic understands the challenges of charging multiple devices and the company has come up with a solution that is sleek, stylish and incredibly convenient. The HUB IT Sync & Charge Station features five different types of charging connectors in one convenient base so that families can charge up to seven different devices all at the same time! With two different iPhone connectors, a Micro USB connector, a Mini USB connector and three USB 3.0 hubs, there’s no device in my house that I can’t charge with the HUB IT!

hub it connected to many electronics

I especially appreciated the fact that the HUB IT included a Mini USB hub. While we don’t have too many devices that use this particular connector, my youngest son’s Leapfrog LeapPads and my DSLR camera both need a Mini USB cable. I’d often had issues with Benjamin taking the few cords I had to charge his devices so that I wasn’t able to find one when I needed it. Now he can just plug his tablet into the HUB IT so that I can keep a cord with my camera at all times!

The HUB IT also features special auto-detection algorithms that recognize thousands of different devices and then use the 20W of output power to charge devices at maximum speed. At one point I had my Windows phone, my friend’s iPhone and my son’s Android tablet all plugged in and charging. Even with so many devices connected to the HUB IT, everything was fully charged in less than two hours.

hub it customizable connectors

Finally, the HUB IT also features syncing abilities. I just plug my phone into a port and then connect the HUB IT to my computer or plug in a USB stick to download music, videos and photos to my computer or to my phone. It’s such a quick and easy way to transfer media between my devices. For further customization, the HUB IT connectors can be altered as needed by switching out the charging cartridges for different ones. There are even connectors for Nintendo DSi devices and Samsung Galaxy Tab tablets!

Eggtronic wants to help your household stay plugged in too, so the company is very generously offering two lucky Mommy Kat and Kids readers their very own HUB IT Sync & Charge Station, an $80 value! To enter to win, just leave a blog comment about which devices in your home you’d be charging with your HUB IT device if you won.

eggtronic hub it sync & charge station

Overall, the HUB IT has been an absolute dream to have in the house and being able to charge all the family’s devices at once without having to hunt for the correct cables or an open outlet is convenient for me and for the boys. I love the sleek look of the device as well; it looks great on my end table beside the couch. If you want an easy and powerful way to charge all your devices without having to hunt for chargers or deal with a mess of cords, the HUB IT is sure to satisfy!
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  1. We would definately use this for our phones and it would be great for tablets and ipods too . I love that you can use it to download things to your computer as well

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