That Meaningful Connection with Somebody Special…It’s the Cheerios Effect-Giveaway

Have you heard of the Cheerios Effect? It’s not exactly a celebration of cereal; it’s actually a real scientific principle that you can test out at home. Drop two Cheerios into a bowl of milk and eventually they will float together and connect. And just like Cheerios, we humans are hard-wired to be drawn to one another and seek out our own connections in a similar way.

I’ve had a few especially meaningful connections in my lifetime, but one of my most memorable was with my best blogging friend Jen. We first started just casually chatting online. I’d actually been a little shy about reaching out to other bloggers and she helped me realize that there was an entire supportive community that I could join. Similarly, I helped her with some of the finicky back-end things involved in running a website.

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After a few months we had the chance to meet in real life at a conference and when we did, we had the same instant connection that we’d first found online. We spent the weekend chatting, meeting other online friends in person and discovering that our blog friendship had just been a precursor of the friendship we’d build in the future. She’s been one of my very best friends ever since!

To celebrate the connections we all make, Cheerios has created a fun website that lets you share your own story of connecting with somebody special in the form of an adorable video. You can take a look at mine here! Visitors to the website can create a video, send a message to a special connection or browse others’ stories!


And if you have a story of an important connection you’ve made in your life, sharing it could just win you a fabulous prize! Cheerios is very generously offering one lucky Mommy Kat and Kids reader that makes a #CheeriosEffect video a $100 Loblaws gift card and five boxes of Cheerios! To enter to win, just visit the Cheerios Effect website, make your video, Tweet it out and then leave a blog comment with the link to your Tweet so I can check it out!

While I didn’t know that there was such a thing as the Cheerios Effect until recently, it makes sense that objects are drawn together in the way that they are when I consider how connected I often feel to the people around me. A simple scientific principle can sometimes serve as a powerful reminder about the importance of the connections we make and that’s certainly the case with the Cheerios Effect! Check out the connection stories on the website, make and share your own and let the people in your life know how connected you are to them!

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  1. My meaningful relationships have most come from my patients…..their life stories, struggles & lessons have helped me a lot in my 9 years of private nursing. Truly touching relationships!

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