Add Colour to Your Kitchen with Denby Monsoon Dinnerware and Kitchen Decor

I am a sucker for stylish kitchen décor and I especially love pieces that have a vibrant and unique design. I find that by combining colourful accessories with my more classic white plates, I can create an original table look that stands out and lets me express my individuality. That’s why I fell in love with the new Denby Canada Monsoon collection kitchenware at first glance and recently I was lucky enough to receive a few of the pieces so that I could experience this beautiful collection for myself.

The Monsoon collection comes in two featured patterns, Antalya and Cordoba, in shades of blue, white and yellow. I received a stunning cake stand and four cake plates from the Cordoba set and they were even more beautiful than I had expected.

denby monsoon cordoba dinnerware

One of the things I love most about this collection is the fact that the pieces coordinate, yet don’t match exactly. The set of four cake plates, for example, all feature the same blue and yellow colours but the exact patterns on each plate are slightly different. The combined look of the plates is incredibly distinctive and eye-catching.

The pieces in the Monsoon collection range from plates and cups to storage containers to aprons and tea towels so that you can easily customize just how much of a splash of colour you want to add to your kitchen. Personally, I’d love to add the Monsoon Cordoba teapot to my collection. Seeing such a vibrant design as I was serving tea would be sure to put a smile on my face!

The Denby Monsoon pieces are available in Canada exclusively at Hudson’s Bay stores and online at And with so much holiday entertaining coming up, there’s no better time to add a few new pieces to your kitchen! Pick out your favourites and brighten up the look of your table with Denby!

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54 thoughts on “Add Colour to Your Kitchen with Denby Monsoon Dinnerware and Kitchen Decor”

  1. I love the blues and yellows, this would actually suit my mother’s new home and would make a lovely gift. Thank you. :)

  2. Denby is great, I like to thrift shop to find plates close to it or make my own . I already use many different styles and colors on my table. I love mismatching.

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