Give Your Kids the Gift of Creativity with Kiwi Crate Subscription Boxes

With so many gift options consisting of tech devices, video games or battery-operated toys, it can be hard to really encourage creativity and imagination in kids when choosing Christmas presents. But those gifts that let kids build, use their hands and learn are often the most popular ones and that’s why Kiwi Crate has made it a mission to let kids experience that joy of creation in a very unique way.

kiwi crate and tinker crate

This subscription box service offers a choice of four different craft kits. Koala Crate kits are for kids between 3-4 years of age. Kiwi Crate kits are for kids between 4-8. Tinker Crate kits are science-based kits for kids between 9-14. And Doodle Crate kits are craft kits for kits between 9-16. I recently received a Kiwi Crate and a Tinker Crate for my boys to review and I couldn’t wait to check them out.

benjamin kiwi crate castles

Benjamin received the Castles and Catapults Kiwi Crate and it was perfect for my little knight. The kit contains all the instructions and materials needed to build a castle play set complete with fun figurines. And the catapult is sure to delight little boys with a love of flying objects! The kit even includes a bonus Play & Learn magazine with fun activities and information about castles and medieval life!

tinker crate motor

Zackary received the Motor Tinker Crate and he couldn’t wait to build his own working motor. My oldest has always had a love of science so this kit was perfect for him. While I did have to explain that he wouldn’t be able to power a car with his motor like he hoped, he was still excited to create a working piece of machinery all by himself. The kit even had fun experiments to help kids learn about electromagnetism once the motor is complete!

castles and catapults kiwi crate

Kiwi Crates are also incredibly inexpensive at just $19.95 each and if you have a child that would love receiving one of these fun crates for Christmas this year, Kiwi Crate has a very special offer just for Mommy Kat and Kids readers! Just use the coupon code GG5OFF when placing your order to save $5 off your first crate.

castle and catapult kiwi crate

The best thing about these crates is that you can give just one or buy a subscription so that the fun continues all year long! It’s such a great way to get kids building, crafting and creating instead of just staring at a screen all day. And you’ll love the way these kits encourage learning along with the fun. Visit Kiwi Crate today and find the best crate for your child. It’s sure to be a unique and welcome gift!

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  1. I love boxes like these. How exciting for the little ones to be able to open these ‘treasure chests’ of creativity.

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