Get Nostalgic While You Make Extra Money with #FirstCrush

I have to admit that I have a bit of a hoarding tendency. To me, objects are memories and whether I’m looking at the grotesque clay mask I made in art class in Grade 7 or the railroad spike I found while crossing the old trestle with a group of friends in Grade 9, seeing those objects always has me thinking about so many amazing moments. In fact, even the house I live in is full of memories, since it’s the one in which I was raised.

But now it seems that I may be moving in 2015 and that means that not only will I be leaving the home I know so well once and for all, I will also need to do a lot of downsizing. Getting rid of some things will be easy. After all, I never really use that juicer so why keep it? But others, the items that are holding memories for me…those will be harder to lose.

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As I’ve been sorting through items, I’ve come to realize that there are some I simply won’t be able to party with. My book collection is huge and some of the books are ones that have meaning beyond the words on the page. The Hemmingway novels and book of poetry that my dad gave me as a child are books that I love, but they’re also ones that remind me of him. And the battered copy of The Children’s Hour: Fairy Tales was a present from my mom because I read it so many times when it was in her bookshelf downstairs. My beloved limited edition Coach Barbie is something I’ll be keeping forever. And the Katie Berggren print that reminds me of my boys will hang on the wall of every house I ever call a home.

But there are also plenty of items that I’ve found that immediately make me wonder why I was keeping them at all. My two mud dolls from Cyprus have been hanging on my wall ever since I was a child, but they’re pretty chipped and decrepit by now. And while they do remind me of the summer I spent on the beautiful island, so do the pictures I have of my journey. Similarly, the artwork I purchased in South Africa always brings back memories of my visit there, but it doesn’t really fit with my décor. And since I can always look through my photo album from the trip, there’s no real need to keep the items.

So what’s a woman with far too much memorabilia to do? Visit of course! While I may no longer want or need many of the items filling my house, that doesn’t mean they might not be treasures to somebody else. And since listing on my local site is quick, easy and free, I don’t have to waste a bunch of time or money to clear out the clutter. Best of all, selling on means that sales are local, so getting rid of unwanted items doesn’t require a bunch of extra shipping hassles. created an adorable video to demonstrate just how easy it can be to get rid of unwanted items. While most of my childhood items are ones that carry pleasant memories, there certainly can be some items that bring up memories a person would sooner forget forever. Thank goodness getting rid of those items doesn’t have to be a big pain!

Whether I’m clearing out items from my own childhood or searching for a replacement for something special I lost in younger years, is always my first stop because it’s so easy to use. Once, when I was just eight years old, my mom took me to her birth country of Finland and, while there, bought me a set of Ittala Crystal water glasses. Over the years the glasses broke one by one so, as an adult, I went on a mission to replace them. I was thrilled when I eventually did myself one better, finding a set of vintage white wine glasses on made by the same designer that had created my water glasses. Moving on from old memories or finding items that help you cherish them forever really doesn’t get any easier, so check out your local site and make some money while you get nostalgic this year!

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  1. what a great idea for a website! i am totally checking it out and letting my mom know about it to. i know she will love it

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