Save Big Money on Your Next Vacation with Snazzy Traveler

It’s no secret that I love to travel, and it’s something I’ve made a priority in my life ever since I was a child. But it’s also something that can get expensive very quickly, so finding a new way to save money when I’m on a vacation is always exciting for me.

Recently I found the best way yet to do that: the travel savings website Snazzy Traveler. With hundreds and maybe even thousands of websites online all claiming to offer the lowest prices for hotels and resorts, it’s hard to think that Snazzy Traveler could be much different.

But in fact, the company’s unique approach to travel deals lets it offer hugely discounted prices you simply won’t find anywhere else.

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The difference starts with the membership fee. The yearly $99 fee provides premium access to exclusive savings that are hundreds of dollars less than other companies.

Paying money to use a travel savings website might seem odd at first, but one trip literally pays for the fee many times over. To make the service even better, all the taxes are included in the price so there’s no surprises when you decide to book your travel.

For example, today I logged into my Snazzy Traveler account and searched for hotels in Thailand. I found the hugely popular Beach Heights Resort, a gorgeous four-star hotel.

Booking through Snazzy Traveler, a one-week stay at the resort costs $286. When I searched for the exact same hotel and dates on Expedia, the cost was a whopping $991!

Having recently returned from a trip to Mexico, I decided to really put Snazzy Traveler to the test by using it to book travel while away.

On the way to Cancun, my boys and I had a one-night stopover in Denver so I wanted to find a nice hotel close to the airport where we could relax for a single night. I searched numerous websites looking for the absolute lowest price at the Days Inn Aurora DIA. But even the very lowest price I could find was still $20 more expensive than the Snazzy Traveler price!

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I have to admit that I’m one of those people that would never have thought of paying for a membership to a travel website. But having experienced the benefits firsthand, I’m a Snazzy Traveler customer for life.

In fact, I’m already planning my next vacation, a trip to New York, with help from Snazzy Traveler. That one three-day trip alone will cover the membership cost and still leave me saving money.

And if you do manage to find a site offering a lower price than Snazzy Traveler, the company will credit you 110% of the difference!

Raising a family is expensive, and travelling with a family can be even more so. While my family is small enough that a basic room with two double beds works just fine for us, I have many friends that have families so large that they need two rooms or a suite when they travel. That extra cost adds up quick!

And that’s what makes Snazzy Traveler such a great site for any type of vacation, from a couple’s getaway to a summer trip with the whole family.

Check out the site for yourself, sign up for a free account to search and view the potential savings and see just how inexpensive travelling with your family can be!

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    1. That is EXACTLY how I felt, Angela. The nice thing about that code I posted is that when you sign up for the free year, you don’t have to commit to renewing, provide payment info of any kind or even fill in your personal information. So it’s a great way to compare savings and see the difference without any risk. :)

  1. I think I will stick to my travel agent cause after being stuck in Cuba when Canada 3000 went belly up it was nice to have someone to call who had already re-booked a flight home for us hassle free.

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