Teach Kids to Give Back with These 3 Easy Tips-Giveaway #CleanWater #PGMom

If there’s one life lesson that I want to be sure to teach my boys, it’s that little actions can end up having a big impact on our communities and on the world. Last year, P&G and Walmart partnered to demonstrate that fact with the Clean Water campaign. For each participating P&G product purchased at Walmart, P&G Children’s Safe Drinking Water provided one day of clean drinking water to those in impoverished countries. This year the campaign is once again in full swing with a goal to provide 25 million days of clean drinking water to those in need.

Obviously buying my favourite P&G products at Walmart is one of the easiest ways I can make a big difference in a small way, but there are plenty of other occasions when small actions can impact the community and the world. These are three methods I’ve found effective for helping my boys understand that fact.

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Community Programs

Both of my boys are participating in the Scouts Canada program for the first time this year, and it has been a great way to get them involved in community initiatives in a fun way. When learning about needs vs. wants to earn a badge, the children decided to choose a charity to support and find a way to contribute. The Regina Food Bank was the charity of choice and to make the boys’ contribution especially meaningful, each was encouraged to bring their favourite non-perishable food to donate. I loved the idea of donating a favourite food because it’s also a way of teaching kids how lucky they are to have favourite foods at home when others don’t even have enough to eat.

Everyday Actions

There are all kinds of little ways to help out our community every day and one of the easiest ones I’ve found is to take a small garbage bag along on walks. The kids from the high school tend to throw their garbage everywhere and so my boys and I will pick up the trash as we walk downtown to get the mail or as I walk them home from school. A pair of gardening gloves and a small grocery bag are all that’s needed to keep our town looking great. It takes just seconds and it helps teach my boys that there is value in keeping their town beautiful even if they weren’t the ones that made the mess.

Choosing a Cause

Kids can have a hard time when it comes to actually giving away their own money, and my boys are no exception. Letting them be involved in choosing which cause they want to support makes a big difference in their willingness to contribute. Donating a portion of their allowance is expected, but they are allowed to choose where it goes. My animal-loving youngest son loves knowing that the money he gives to the WWF Canada helps animals. And my active oldest son likes the idea of helping kids play sports by supporting Canadian Tire Jumpstart. Sometimes when the chance arises, I’ll even take a few dollars of the boys’ donation money and let them enjoy a Tim Horton’s Smile Cookie while knowing they’re supporting a great cause at the same time!

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There are so many amazing and fun ways to give back and the Clean Water campaign by P&G and Walmart Canada is certainly one of my favourites. To celebrate this fabulous initiative, P&G Canada has a great giveaway just for you! One lucky Mommy Kat and Kids reader is going to win a P&G Clean Water Prize Pack containing a Swiffer Sweep & Trap Starter Kit, Mr. Clean Antibacterial Multi-Surfaces Liquid Cleaner, Tide Pods Spring Meadow, Dawn Ultra Original Scent with Active Suds Dishwashing Liquid, Febreze Extra Strength, Febreze Air Effects Unstopables Fresh, Febreze Air Effects Unstopables Lush, Febreze Air Effects Unstopables Shimmer, Febreze Candle Unstopables Fresh, Febreze Candle Unstopables Lush, Febreze Fabric Refresher Unstopables Lush, Febreze Fabric Refresher Unstopables Shimmer, Febreze Noticeables Unstopables Fresh, Febreze Noticeables Unstopables Fresh – Refill and Febreze Noticeables Unstopables Shimmer, a $120 total value! To enter to win, just leave a blog comment about how you teach your kids to give back!

The P&G Clean Water campaign runs until March 19, 2015, so make sure to stock up on all your favourite P&G products at Walmart stores or online at Walmart.ca before then. Just by purchasing the top products your family already uses, you’ll be helping to ensure that children around the world have clean, safe water to drink. It’s one of the easiest ways to make a big difference in the world!

P&G Cleanwater Giveaway

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139 thoughts on “Teach Kids to Give Back with These 3 Easy Tips-Giveaway #CleanWater #PGMom”

  1. I don’t have kids but I would teach them by leading by example. For example, donating clothing, food, volunteering.

  2. we clean up garbage, help keep the earth clean and donating stuff to others, also at this moment have my oldest shoveling the snow for the older people around here

  3. Angela Mitchell

    We participate in fundraisers several times a year. We donate items quite often and my kids are encouraged to share their items.

  4. As a family we spend time at the women’s senior center, either cooking or baking foods for the elders in our community.

  5. we talk about stories we see on the news; we participate locally in our community (ie cleaning up the neighborhood, making donations)

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