Easy DIY Home Office Organization Makeover with HP

Last week I shared an easy and fun kitchen organization project I created using nothing but my HP Stream 11 laptop, labels printed on my HP Envy 5530 printer and some cute mason jars.

I loved the way these simple labels not only helped me organize my kitchen but also added some personality to my décor! That’s why I decided to turn on my laptop once more and do a little more spring cleaning…this time in my home office!

office organization diy with hp

My office has a tendency to get pretty disorganized, especially with all the papers and calendars I use, so my goal was to tidy it up while also making it a pretty and inspiring space.

I decided the first thing I would do is make my own file boxes by cutting old cereal boxes and covering them with fun printed paper. To keep with my spring theme, I found some flower images I liked, printed them out and then glued the pictures onto the boxes. A quick coat of spray varnish for durability and my file organizers were ready!

file boxes diy printed paper

Next I needed a way to keep my pens, markers and other office supplies organized, so I borrowed a craft idea from my school days by putting old cans to new uses. I washed out a few old cans and taped the top to prevent cuts.

Then I glued printed images to the cans to decorate them. I decided to keep with the spring theme but add a new twist by using images of rainbows for the cans.

office pen cans rainbow

My office had some great new organizational supplies, but I wanted to give it a special personal touch too so that when I sat down to work, I would be inspired to accomplish new things.

I opened up my HP Stream 11 and visited PicMonkey. Using the free online program, I created a fun collage with some of my favourite pictures of my family and our adventures. Then I printed it out on HP Everyday Photo Paper and put in a simple frame. Hanging above my desk, it’s the perfect motivation to keep striving for bigger and better things!

family collage office photo

With minimal time and materials, my office space looks a whole lot classier thanks to my HP Stream 11 Laptop and my HP Envy 5530 printer. No matter what your spring-cleaning goals are, meeting them can be a whole lot easier with help from HP! Check out the HP Create blog for more fun home décor ideas and get inspired to create something useful and beautiful this spring!

hp stream 11

403 thoughts on “Easy DIY Home Office Organization Makeover with HP”

  1. The basement is in dire need of an organizing makeover but realistically I’d say my bedroom. It seems to be the catch all for miscellaneous items found laying around the house.

  2. Elizabeth Hall

    Every room needs a makeover but I’d say the desk/art area in my kitchen as I can always see it.

  3. Marie Michelle

    when I spring clean the whole house gets organized. But as of right now I’d have to say all closets need HELP!

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