Keep Kids Learning this Summer with Hot Wheels FUNdamentals #PlayAdvocates

With school out and my boys home every day, there’s plenty of playtime filling our hours right now! And while I don’t mind leaving my boys to their own creative devices for the majority of their summer vacation, I do still want them to have some intellectual stimulation as well. Zackary challenges his mind quite regularly with educational games and nightly reading, but finding fun learning activities for Benjamin is a little bit harder. Luckily, one of my boys’ very favourite brands, Hot Wheels, has come to the rescue!

My oldest son was a huge Hot Wheels collector when he was younger and at one point, he knew the name of every single one of his almost 200 Hot Wheels cars. (I didn’t even realize they had names until he asked me one day what the car’s name was and I found it printed on the bottom!) And while Benjamin wasn’t quite as obsessive about Hot Wheels as his brother, he also spent many happy hours playing with the tracks and racing the cars.

hot wheels fundamentals

Now this summer he can do even more thanks to the Hot Wheels FUNdamentals program! This collection of lesson plans, activities and games is designed for children between three and seven years of age and helps to develop math, science, visual arts and language proficiency, with all the fun of Hot Wheels!

Recently I received an assortment of Hot Wheels products and some of the Hot Wheels FUNdamentals material so that I could see for myself what a great addition the program would make to our summer. Needless to say, the boys wanted to open everything right away! But I decided to use some of the cars and tracks as motivational rewards so that my boys would both be inspired to do some extra learning!

Then I headed to the Hot Wheels FUNdamentals website to download some lesson plans for Benjamin! I loved the way the lessons incorporated fun activities into the learning so that my youngest son would enjoy the time spent learning basic skills including counting, colouring, language, patterns and more.

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Hot Wheels FUNdamentals lesson plans are perfectly suited to classroom use, but are also great for home learning during the summer. Personally, I’m going to be using one of the lesson plans each week to help Benjamin remember what he learned at Kindergarten this year and hopefully develop some new skills as well.

While summer vacation will always feature plenty of relaxing, taking some time to keep kids learning new things is always worthwhile! So check out to get your own free lesson plans, learn more about the Hot Wheels FUNdamentals program and download a fun-filled activity book for your child. After all, with Hot Wheels, even summer education can be fun!

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19 thoughts on “Keep Kids Learning this Summer with Hot Wheels FUNdamentals #PlayAdvocates”

  1. Elizabeth Matthiesen

    I love this idea. Kids get to play with something they love and learn at the same time, always works best too :-)

  2. Oh those look so cool. Our 4 year old would love it. He really enjoys showing us what he knows when he’s playing – counting, doing math etc.

  3. My nephew has been collecting and playing with Hot Wheels since he was 2 and he’s 10 now and still loves them.

  4. This would be fantastic for my nephew – a great way for him to have fun and keep learning through his summer vacation!

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