Stay Warm and Comfortable on Your Next Camping Trip with Selk’bag

My boys and I love camping, so having good sleeping bags is a must. And while a basic sleeping bag is great, crawling out of it on a cold morning isn’t nearly as much fun. That’s why Selk’bag decided it was time to revolutionize the sleeping bag with a new, wearable design!

I recently had the chance to review a Selk’bag for myself, so I decided on the Patagon bag in Black Forest. With the highest warmth rating and removable boots for added mobility, it looked cozy, comfy and especially versatile. I pulled it out of the bag as soon as it arrived to see what it was like.

selk'bag sleeping bag

Now I have to admit that I thought this sleeping bag system, while practical, looked a little silly. But as soon as I pulled it on, I was won over. Not only does the bag make sleeping incredibly comfortable, but it is incredibly warm too. For sitting outside by the fire on a chilly night, it was ideal for keeping warm without fumbling around with a blanket. In fact, I wore the Selk’bag all that night when outside instead of a coat!

The versatility of this sleeping bag is what makes it such a winner for me. It’s really not just for sleeping at all; the removable boots and hand flaps make it great for wearing as a warm bodysuit too. And for extra fun, there are even Marvel-themed superhero Selk’bags available!

selk'bag in carrying case

With Selk’bags available in both adult and child sizes as well as in a variety of fun colours and patterns, the entire family can benefit from the warmth and comfort of these innovative wearable sleeping bags. And once you zip yourself into one, you’ll wonder how you ever got by without it! Pick your favourite and get ready for the cosiest camping trip ever this summer!

mommy kat and kids RP

163 thoughts on “Stay Warm and Comfortable on Your Next Camping Trip with Selk’bag”

  1. I would choose the Marvel by Selk’bag, Spider-Man for my husband who LOVES to camp and LOVES spidey equally:) He even rappelled down a 22 story building dressed like spiderman for Easter Seals!

  2. I would LOVE that! I wouldn’t just use it camping, I would be using it in my basement, during the winter months lol My husband is always hotter than I am lol

  3. Krista Embertson

    Patagon, we have been admiring the selkbag for a while, and my son is a big camper. He would absolutely be thrilled. It would be the best birthday present ever! for him.

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