Help Your Family Feel Its Best for Back-to-School with Advice and Treatment from Your Shoppers Drug Mart Pharmacist

One of the worst things about a minor ailment is often the hassle involved in getting treatment. Mild medical conditions like acne or seasonal allergies likely won’t cause any harm if left untreated, but they are incredibly frustrating at their worst and can certainly make comfortable day-to-day living much harder! Unfortunately, finding solutions often involves either weeks of waiting to see the family doctor or hours of waiting in a walk-in clinic, not to mention missing work or school in the process. No wonder it can be hard to decide whether the ailment or obtaining treatment is the bigger inconvenience!

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Luckily for those in Saskatchewan and select other provinces, a doctor’s appointment isn’t the only way to get the treatment we need! A local Shoppers Drug Mart pharmacist is also able to evaluate minor ailments from cold sores to muscle pain and prescribe appropriate medications for the problem! And with back-to-school season just around the corner, I’ll soon be heading off to see my pharmacist and find the best solution for my family’s seasonal allergies.

Allergies are annoying; there’s no doubt about it. But for a child in school, allergies can also affect academic performance, since listening to a teacher while dealing with stuffiness, itchy eyes and sneezing is pretty difficult. My oldest son has suffered from occasional seasonal allergic outbreaks for the last few years and I’ve often wondered how to minimize his discomfort during the few stronger reactions he gets each year. That’s why I’m going to see my Shoppers Drug Mart pharmacist before school starts this year so that I have a solution ready!

In addition to evaluating my son’s allergies and suggesting potential over-the-counter treatments, my pharmacist can also potentially write a prescription for medication such as Nasonex that will help treat Zackary’s symptoms. Since Zackary only has perhaps three or four seasonal allergy outbreaks each year, it doesn’t make sense to wait in a doctor’s office all day to find a potential treatment. Spending a few minutes talking to my pharmacist to find a solution just makes more sense!

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Shoppers Drug Mart pharmacists in Saskatchewan and select other provinces can also provide advice and treatment for other minor ailments including eczema, acne and more. Whether the best solution is a simple lifestyle change, an over-the-counter product, a prescription medication or some combination of all three, I’m so happy I can depend on my pharmacist to give me helpful advice and solutions for my family.

I know from talking to others that I’m not the only one that dreads visiting the doctor for a minor complaint. It’s often an exhausting and time-consuming process, which is why so many people tend to ignore their minor irritations instead of treating them. But since discovering that my pharmacist can provide quick and effective solutions, I’ve made the decision to stop tolerating minor ailments and start treating them instead. With the help of my local pharmacist, finding treatments for my family has never been more convenient!

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45 thoughts on “Help Your Family Feel Its Best for Back-to-School with Advice and Treatment from Your Shoppers Drug Mart Pharmacist”

  1. I love the SDM Pharmacy. I always have questions whether it be about a new medication, or if I am looking for something specific and I am not sure if I can use a certain product because of ingredients {and health issues}. They are so helpful and nice!!

  2. Elizabeth Matthiesen

    I don’t believe that we have that here yet but no doubt it will come as Drs are in high demand and there aren’t enough of them. I’m lucky I have a great Dr and normally can get in to see him on the same day as he no longer does appointments as such, fortunately it’s very rare that I need to go :-)

  3. i dread waiting in a doctors office or even clinics,Shoppers Drug Mart offering this would be great, but i am not sure in my province this is available yet..will have to check it out!

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