Considerations About Pregnancy Later in Life

My mom had quite a big gap between her oldest three and her youngest two children. In fact, she was in her forties when she gave birth to my youngest sister.

I was seventeen at the time and while I was surprised that she was having another baby so late in life, I didn’t realize just how many potential concerns there are for both mother and baby when a woman gets pregnant in her later years.

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Of course, with some proper planning and preparation, having a baby later in life can be the ideal choice for a family. Just make sure to consider the potential benefits and difficulties so that you’re prepared!

Pregnant After 35 – Considerations

  • Delaying reproduction often makes it’s more difficult to reproduce – By age 35, most women have a 15 to 20 percent chance of getting pregnant in a given month, and by 45 this goes down to just 3 or 4 percent
  • Birth weight of newborns tend to decrease as the mother’s age increases, which is unhealthy for development
  • Parents have had more time for higher education and greater labour participation meaning they likely have more income and greater family stability
  • Households that are financially stable and established contribute to a better environment to support raising children
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Regardless of age, you can maximize your chances of conceiving each month by figuring out exactly when you ovulate.

First Response™ can help to better determine their peak fertile days with the Digital Ovulation Predictor Test, which detects a woman’s personal luteinizing hormone (LH) surge based on her hormone levels, unlike any other product on the market.

Tracking personal LH levels can provide clarity on the optimal time to conceive, helping women get pregnant sooner when there is no time to spare.

Having a baby is one of the most magical events in life, but it can be stressful and even scary at times too.

Proper planning and preparation is a must for ensuring that you can relax and enjoy every special moment of your pregnancy at any age!

28 thoughts on “Considerations About Pregnancy Later in Life”

  1. I was a young Mom.. and had my last at 36.. I was considered “Advanced Maternal Age”…

    We had to use 1st response ovulation kit for the last child. Doctor’s said my age played a factor in taking much much longer to conceive then what was normal for me.

  2. I had my son at 29, which, for me, was a good age. My mother-in-law told me that her mother had her last one at 53, and they all turned out fine. The family was larger, though, so the older ones took care of the babies.

  3. It is so wonderful that Women nowadays have the ability to buy a test that can pin point their fertile Days!! They can definitely do a better job at planning their Pregnancies then we could way back when! Lol! I agree that planning pregnancies is a very important issue!! Thankyou for sharing your review on the First Response Ovulation Test!!

  4. I had my last child at 34 and it was harder on my body than my earlier pregnancies. Of course, I wouldn’t change anything but it is something to consider.

  5. I had a had time getting pregnant for all 3 of our kids. I really can’t complain because we do have 3 healthy kids now but at the time it was frustrating and tough.

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