Celebrate Movember by Helping Your Man Stay Healthy with These 4 Tips

November is half over and that means that many of us are seeing a lot more mustaches than usual thanks to the annual “Movember” celebration designed to raise funds and awareness for men’s health issues. From prostate cancer to depression to heart disease, there’s no shortage of diseases that prey on the men in our life. And there’s no better time to encourage your man to be proactive about his health than November!

Men tend to neglect their own health, which is one of the reasons that they have a shorter life expectancy than women. Encourage your guy on the road to better health with these four suggestions:

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Get Him to a Doctor

Men are notorious for avoiding annual checkups, so step in and make that appointment for him. Men under 40 should be visiting the doctor for a checkup at least once every three years and possibly more often if they have specific health concerns. It’s one of the easiest ways to be proactive about good health.

Help Him De-Stress

Depression and anxiety are serious health concerns for men, but since our society still tends to cause men to think they need to be tough and stoic, these issues don’t get as much attention as they should. Make time to communicate with your guy so that he can share his frustrations, and make sure he’s taking time to relax, whether with a favourite hobby or with a massage. (Even better, book a couple’s massage and treat yourself to a little downtime too!)

Supplement His Health

Ensure your guy is getting all the nutrients his body needs with supplements specifically designed for his health concerns. Orange Naturals Prostate Health is a must for older men, with saw palmetto and flax seed oil to help reduce inflammation in the prostate. And Orange Naturals Stress + Calm homeopathic formula is a great choice for men and women alike to minimize anxious tension and restlessness.

Exercise Together

My significant other and I actually took the opposite route with this, since he was the one encouraging me to get more active by exercising with him. But if you’ve already got a regular workout routine and your man doesn’t, ask him to join you the next time you exercise. Not only will it help him get moving, but you’ll motivate each other to reach new goals!

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With such an amazing man in my life, it’s only natural that I want to do everything I possibly can to make sure that he stays healthy for his entire life. Luckily, that’s often as easy as a healthy diet, exercise, regular checkups and the occasional supplement for a specific issue. And if I have specific health questions, visiting the Orange Naturals Facebook page is a great way to get answers and expert advice for the whole family. With a little bit of care, we’ll be able to look forward to decades of happiness together!

Disclosure: I am part of the Orange Naturals Mom Ambassador Program and I receive special perks as part of my affiliation with this group. The opinions on this blog are my own.

43 thoughts on “Celebrate Movember by Helping Your Man Stay Healthy with These 4 Tips”

  1. My husband of 41 years does go to see his doctor when needed and I do ensure that he takes vitamins daily to supplement his diet, but we definitely need to exercise together, thanks for the reminder!

  2. Men often don’t like going to the doctor and my husband was like that for a while and I convinced him to go and he’s happy I did because he is getting help with issues.

  3. Hubby is good for getting to the doc and I have him de-stress every time he walks through the door but something we should start doing is exercising together!!

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