Treat Stuffy Noses and Coughing with Boogie Wipes and Other Natural Solutions

Even though we’ve had one of the nicest autumn seasons I can rememeber here in Saskatchewan, that hasn’t meant that we haven’t had the customary fall illnesses! In fact, both my boys just recently went through one of the worst colds they’ve had in years. Fever, coughing, stuffy noses…they were two unhappy boys for a while! Now the worst of their illness is over, but both boys still have the sniffles and some occasional coughing. And to help them feel better fast, I turn to three simple and natural solutions!

boogie wipes honey lemon juice

Lemon Water

Staying hydrated is one of the best ways to fight off the final symptoms of a cold, but drinking glass after glass of water does get pretty boring for kids. Fortunately, adding a squirt of lemon juice to the water turns the drink into a treat as far as my boys are concerned! And as an added bonus, lemon juice is said to soothe a sore throat as well! It’s a simple way of making sure my boys are getting enough liquid and helping treat some of their symptoms at the same time.

Boogie Wipes and Boogie Mist

A saline mist is a gentle and natural way to help unclog a stuffy nose, but using an ordinary saline mist can be something that some children resist. That’s why I love having Kandoo Boogie Wipes and Boogie Mist in the house. The fun Grape and Fresh Scent varieties of the products make using the mist fun for my boys. And the gentle wipes are the perfect alternative to ordinary facial tissue for helping treat their stuffiness. I like to use the mist first to get rid of the worst of the mucus and then let Zackary and Benjamin blow their nose with the wipes to take care of any remaining congestion.


When my boys first started coughing, I didn’t want to give them a strong commercial medication to treat it since the cough was initially their only symptom of illness. But the constant coughing needed some treatment! I started giving each of the boys a teaspoon of raw local honey when they first woke up in the morning and right before bed at night. The difference was immediate! And less coughing in the night meant that my boys could get a better sleep to heal faster.

kandoo boogie mist

While my boys are finally over their colds, I know that chances are they’ll end up falling prey to the germs floating around this winter at least once or twice more. But with the right natural products on hand to help treat their symptoms, at least they’ll make it through the sickness as comfortably as possible. Boogie Wipes products are now available at Metro as well as at select other stores throughout Canada, so stock up now and be ready to help your little ones through those annoying cold symptoms and stuffy noses!

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