Throwing a Hit Viewing Party is Easy with the SUBWAY Canada Prime Rib Melt

I’m really not a big television person, but I do have a few must-see shows. In the spring, I always make time for the newest season of Game of Thrones. And in the fall, watching the latest episodes of The Walking Dead is a must.

My significant other has the same must-see television list that I do (in fact, he was the one that originally got me hooked on The Walking Dead), so watching the latest episode together each week is one of our bonding moments.

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Usually, it’s just the two of us relaxing at home while we watch but last Sunday, SUBWAY Canada challenged us to make our prime time television viewing even better with our own The Walking Dead viewing party. And with the hugely popular SUBWAY Prime Rib Melt featuring 100% Canadian beef back as an everyday menu item at SUBWAY Canada, we knew we had the food figured out!

The Decor

walking dead viewing party decor

Throwing a viewing party might seem like a lot of work, but I soon learned that it doesn’t take much to turn an ordinary night of watching television into something special. We invited a few couples over for the event and I started planning ways to add some zombie style to the house. My first stop was the dollar store. I grabbed “blood” red plates as well as a katana-style toy sword like the one Michonne uses and a black toy gun to toss on the table as props.

darryl and subs

I also had plans to potentially get a cowboy hat and a crossbow, some of the most iconic items in The Walking Dead series, so I headed to the nearby grocery store to see if it had either item in the toy section. I was out of luck, but I did find skull mugs and wine glasses on clearance from Halloween for just fourteen cents each!

I grabbed a bunch for spooky beverages, and then also bought Darryl Dixon and Rick Grimes Pop! Vinyl figures to adorn the table. The props were simple and inexpensive, but they definitely added The Walking Dead feel to our house!

The Food

subway catering

With the house looking great, we were ready for the food. And thanks to SUBWAY Catering, serving our friends couldn’t have been easier! We offered up trays of Prime Rib Melt and Veggie subs loaded with all the fixings.

I loved the way the sauces came on the side so that people could add barbeque sauce, mayo, sub sauce or other tasty options as they wished. And with the subs served on assorted types of bread, everyone was able to get their favourite!

subway canada cookies

SUBWAY Catering also provided soda, chips, napkins, cutlery and, my personal favourite, fresh-baked cookies for dessert. We moved the chairs into the living room for extra seating while watching the show and then filled the table with trays of subs, cookies, chips, soda and a few of our The Walking Dead accessories! We served the food an hour before the start of the newest episode so that everyone would have time to eat and chat before we all sat down to watch.

The Show

walking dead viewing party

Of course, with such great food being served and plenty of fun company, we weren’t all done eating by the time The Walking Dead started, so we moved our plates over to the coffee table and got ready for the main event.

With the show being left on a cliffhanger two episodes ago, we were all excited to see what happened next, and Glenn’s fate was a major topic of conversation as we started the episode. Having friends over to watch meant a much more lively discussion than usual and we had a great time analyzing the episode and talking over the details.

plates of food walking dead

After the show ended, most of our friends stayed a little longer for some final chatting and one last cookie. But eventually everyone headed for home and we started the cleanup. Of course, with the napkins and cutlery SUBWAY had provided plus our own disposable plates, the job was as easy as could be. The only dishes were the skull cups and glasses I’d purchased, so I just had to wash them up and put the leftover food in the fridge.

subway sandwiches and cookies

The Prime Rib Melt was the perfect food choice for our viewing party, and the catering made it so easy to invite a group of people over and still be able to enjoy the event instead of worrying about feeding everyone. In fact, it was so convenient that I’m planning on SUBWAY Catering for New Year’s Eve too now!

subway prime rib melt

And whether you’re grabbing a 12-inch sub to take home and enjoy while you watch the game or you’re feeding a crowd at a party of your own, the Prime Rib Melt is sure to please. The tender strips of 100% Canadian beef, melted cheese and fresh veggies make this one hit that everyone’s glad is back to stay!

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