Peekaboo Beans Clothing Will Have Kids Excited about Clothes for Christmas

It’s a sad but true fact that even the most fashion-loving child often has a hard time getting excited about clothes at Christmas. With so many cool new toys, video games and treats filling store shelves, a new shirt or pair of pants just doesn’t seem as exciting by comparison. Unless, that is, the clothing is Peekaboo Beans clothing!

Peekaboo Beans is children’s clothing designed with children in mind. In addition to looking great, this clothing feels great too! Thick, comfortable fabric, easy-to-zip zippers and tagless designs combine to make the fashions clothes that kids actually get excited about! Recently Peekaboo Beans sent my boys each a new outfit so I could experience the clothing’s difference for myself.

peekaboo beans shirt

Benjamin has always been the more fashion-forward of my two kids so when he saw his outfit, he wanted to wear it right away. I pointed out the thumb insert in the sleeve of the shirt and he fell in love at once. The clever little hole lets kids slip their thumb through long-sleeved shirts so that the sleeves don’t ride up when putting on a coat. It was such a simple way to make clothing more comfortable for kids!

We also appreciated that Peekaboo Beans don’t use awkward buttons for its clothing. Instead, pants are adjusted to the perfect fit with a comfortable drawstring waist. I loved that the clothing still looked so trendy even though Zackary’s jeans and Benjamin’s corduroy pants both had a drawstring waist. Finally, soft removable tags helped to ensure that neither of my boys had to deal with the irritation of a scratchy label in their clothing.

peekaboo beans sweater and jeans

Best of all, the clothing looked as good as it felt! Peekaboo Beans designs are trendy and timeless for clothing that will look great as long as it fits. I’m sure that Zackary’s pieces will still look like new even when he outgrows them, which means Benjamin will be able to wear them one day as well! And since the clothing is ethically manufactured and free of heavy metals, carcinogenic dyes and chemicals, I can feel good about my boys wearing it too.

Peekaboo Beans clothing is available from stylists across Canada, so visit the website to browse the collections and find a stylist near you. The high quality and unique comfort of this clothing means that kids will actually be excited to open up a Christmas package and find clothes inside! Choose a few of your favourite boys’ and girls’ fashions and experience the Peekaboo Beans difference!

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