Add More Vegetables to Your Diet with Hidden Garden Cookies

One of the hardest things about healthy eating for me is giving up all those treats that taste so good, yet aren’t all that good for my body. I can’t resist the occasional sweet treat, and cookies are one of my favourites.

My boys love sweets just as much as I do, but of course I don’t want them having too much junk food either. Luckily, Hidden Garden has come to the rescue with tasty gluten-free and nut-free cookies that have a half-serving of hidden vegetables in every portion!

These cookies are crispy with a melt-in-your-mouth texture that’s absolutely addictive. Available in Chocolate Chip, Ginger Snap, Red Velvet and Cocoa Cherry varieties, there’s a flavour to suit everyone. And since every serving includes vegetables such as butternut squash, beets and spinach, they’re a treat that I can eat without feeling too guilty!

hidden garden chocolate chip cookies

I recently received all four varieties of Hidden Garden cookies to try and while I knew that I would enjoy them, I was even more interested to see if the boys would like the cookies…and if they would notice the added vegetables! I opened up the Hidden Garden Chocolate Chip Cookies for an after-school snack and let the boys dig in.

Both boys devoured their cookies, and neither one commented on any kind of vegetable taste, though Zackary did ask what brand the cookies were and asked to see the bag. I’ll admit, I covered the part of the packaging that mentioned vegetables!

He was satisfied with that and said that the cookies were tasty, which was all I’d hoped for. The next day, the boys tried the Red Velvet Cookies and their reaction was equally positive. I love popping these cookies into their lunches to give them a little extra nutrition. And since the treats are nut-free, they’re a safe choice for peanut-free classrooms!

hidden garden cookies

Hidden Garden cookies are available at select stores across Canada and make a great better-for-you treat for kids and adults alike. With no preservatives, no artificial flavours or colours, no gluten and no nuts, they’re also a great choice for restricted diets.

Best of all, they’re absolutely delicious! No matter which type of cookie is your favourite, you’ll love knowing you’re getting extra nutrition with each tasty bite. Indulging in a sweet snack has never been more satisfying!

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  1. They all sound tasty but the Chocolate Cherry sound the most delicious. I love the fact that your boys enjoyed them and did not realize there were vegetables in them. These would be terrific to give to my grandchildren who often don’t eat their vegetables.

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