Relax and Get Comfortable with Bohemian Pants Harem Pants and Shorts

Working from home, I have a deep appreciation for comfortable clothes. In fact, I’ll sometimes stay in my pajamas for most of the day just because they’re so much more cozy than any of my daytime clothes. So I’m always on the hunt for new relaxed daytime outfits to add to my wardrobe. And recently I discovered the ultimate in comfortable, yet casually fashionable style: Bohemian Pants!

These trendy harem pants are available in a rainbow of colours and patterns that had me swooning as I browsed the site. I’m a sucker for unique prints and bright colours, so I had a hard time deciding which pair of pants was most “me.” While these pants are certainly not dressy, they’re undeniably fun and I thought they’d be especially good for lounging by the pool on a hot summer’s day.

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I decided on the High Cut Peacock Harem Pants in Black and Maroon and the Goa Elephant Harem Shorts in Black and Red to review. While the weather outside isn’t quite warm enough for shorts yet, I often like using a comfortable pair of shorts as lounge wear before bed. And the pants looked like they’d be perfect for relaxing at home all day! In fact, I couldn’t resist trying the pants on right away to see if they were as comfortable as promised.

The waistband of the pants was something that I immediately loved. It was wide, stretchy and incredibly comfortable. I liked that I could wear the pants a little lower on my hips and the waistband still held the pants perfectly in place. Bohemian Pants are one-size-fits-most and while they looked quite baggy in some of the online photos, I didn’t find them to look that way on me. Loose and flowing, they made a perfect casual summer outfit when paired with a simple tank top!

The shorts were just as comfortable and I loved the adorable elephant pattern. I knew they would be a perfect choice for a simple cover-up when spending the day on the beach. With no elasticized bottom, they’re ideal for easy movement when running in the sand or playing a little beach volleyball. And just like the harem pants, they come in colours and prints to suit every taste. You can be as subtle or as flamboyant with your fashion as you wish when you’re wearing Bohemian Pants!

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Personally, my Bohemian Pants are my new favourite yoga pants because they let me move so easily and are so comfortable to wear. Even though I have regular yoga pants, they just don’t offer the same comfort as these airy harem pants. Of course, I can’t resist wearing my new pants during a relaxing day at home as well! If you’re looking for pants that combine the ultimate comfort with a unique relaxed style, Bohemian Pants are perfect for you. Grab a pair online today and see for yourself just how comfortable clothing can be!

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