Finding the Perfect Wedding Dress

One of the most important wedding items for most women, and sometimes one of the key inspirations for the entire theme of the wedding, is that perfect white dress.

We all want to look like a princess on the big day, but anyone that’s browsed a bridal shop knows a designer dress can easily blow the budget of a $5000 wedding.

So, what’s a bride to do? Buying a used dress is the ideal solution for some women, but a brand new dress is pretty special.

Online boutiques may offer low-priced dress options, but finding a reputable one that actually provides quality work is more challenging than it should be. That’s why is my top pick for wedding clothing!

topwedding dress train

The boutique offers an array of custom-made dresses at low prices that are sure to suit any bride.

I happened to fall in love with the Lace over Satin Mermaid Wedding Dress months ago, and I was thrilled when agreed to let me review the stunning $239 dress along with a bouquet and a hair comb to match.

I’d done some careful research of the company and found nothing but positive reviews, so I was sure I’d love the products.

topwedding cross back wedding dress

My items arrived quickly, though the dress took a little longer since each dress is made to order. It was even more beautiful than I expected, with gorgeous rhinestone details on the floral lace pattern and a fitted look that was sleek and elegant.

Since I have a fairly large chest, I knew a strapless gown wouldn’t be the best choice for me. The crossed back of the dress I chose was elegant, but still gave me proper support.

top wedding bouquet

Though we’ll be having real flowers at our wedding, I wanted to have a bouquet of fake flowers for the customary “throwing of the bouquet,” so I requested a Light Yellow Wedding Bouquet along with my dress.

It’s a simple and beautiful choice that I know will delight the lucky woman that catches it. And the sparkling hair comb fits in perfectly with our theme of daisies and fall leaves! I’m planning on using it to hold my hair half pulled back for an easy elegant look.

topwedding hair comb

While I did receive my wedding dress free of charge in order to write my review, the company’s great selection and quality led me to also order my bridesmaid dresses from a few weeks later.

I’m not a fan of the matching look so I let my sisters choose their own dresses in differing shades of yellow.

Because I ordered multiple items, the company very generously customized the sizes free of charge, and also worked with me to find the most reasonable shipping option.

I had already been delighted by how beautiful my own wedding dress was. After buying my sisters’ dresses, I was even more impressed by the company’s customer service!

topwedding bridesmaid dresses

When it comes to choosing a high-quality wedding outfit without spending a fortune, is a great choice, whether you’re searching for your dream wedding dress or you’re attending a special event and want a perfect outfit for the occasion.

If you’re planning on buying your wedding dress online, don’t look any farther than this online boutique.

It provides the perfect combination of high quality, great price and customer service that will ensure you’re smiling from ear to ear on your special day!

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40 thoughts on “Finding the Perfect Wedding Dress”

  1. Absolutely gorgeous dress definitely keep them bookmarked . My husband and I eloped 11 years ago as I just couldn’t take his mother budding in anymore lol But I would love to renew my vows

  2. My daughter in law spent $1000 on her dress and then walked through the bush to get to the wedding site. By the end of the night the dress was trashed. I think this was such a waste of money.

  3. I just can`t imagine spending so much on a dress. My son is getting married next month. We were looking for a dress for our 13 yr.old for the wedding and grad. I was also checking out dresses for myself. Everything for me was $300 and over. I refuse to spend that for one day. My hubby didn`t think I could go cheaper. Well we paid $200 for our daughter and I dound a beautiful dress at Davids Bridal for $130. My wedding dress was made by my sister. That was 36yrs. ago and still going. Others we know spent a fortune on a dress and the marriage didn`t last. People forget what marriage is and get lost in the show.

  4. nicolthepickle (Nicole Graham)

    Wow, they have lovely dresses. I know I paid more for mine than that too. Good for you.

  5. A few years back, when my daughter was graduating, we went to the store called “The Dress” and found her’s!!! She bought it in grade 11 cus , well, she’s anal like that LOL… there was also a wedding dress there for $99, so beautiful and fit her…. so its quite possible these days to find something within price range …I hope you have a beautiful day to remember (fondly) I don’t recall a thing…. I guess I was that nervous

  6. Angela September

    Wow stunning dresses all around! I love that pop of bright yellow & im off to check out the site right now!

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