Help Kids Develop Building and Programming Skills with Creation Crate Subscription Boxes-Giveaway

If there’s one lesson I can teach my boys that I know will be valuable for their entire lives, it will be to find joy in learning new things. And since most kids are lagging behind in essential science, technology, engineering and math skills (often referred to as STEM skills), fostering a love of learning is more important than ever.

Now, Creation Crate, a new subscription box service in Alberta, Canada, has found a way to help kids play and learn at the same time with its new electronics subscription boxes! Every month, children receive a box that contains electronics parts and instructions for building a useful device. Designed for children around 12 years of age and older, each project helps develop essential STEM skills while also letting kids create a fun electronics project! Recently I was sent a Creation Crate to review and I couldn’t wait to see what it was like.

creation crate contents

At almost ten, my oldest son was a little young for Creation Crate, so Zackary and I sat down to build his project together. We love activities that can include parent involvement as well and Creation Crate is a great choice for letting adults and kids work as a team. I let Zackary take the lead and didn’t step in unless he needed help with a specific part of the project, which let him learn some new skills as we built.

The kit we received was for building a Mood Lamp. Reading through the instructions, one of the things I immediately loved was that the project combined both hardware assembly and programming skills. After assembling the lamp, it’s plugged into a computer and programmed with basic codes so that it turns on and cycles through three different colours at the desired speed. Best of all, each code is explained so that kids are learning as they create!

creation crate mood lamp

If you’ve got a would-be inventor in the house, this is one giveaway you won’t want to miss! Creation Crate is very generously offering one lucky Mommy Kat and Kids reader their own Creation Crate Subscription Box, a $30 value! To enter to win, just leave a blog comment about who would be getting this prize if you won! And if you just can’t wait, use coupon code MKAK10 for 10% off your online order!

Since Zackary has alwyas had a real passion for building and for computers, I love that Creation Crate lets him expand on his skills and develop new ones. And of course, the fact he’s learning so much as he builds is a huge plus for me as a parent! But these boxes aren’t just for kids! Any adult interested in electronics will also enjoy assembling and programming each project. Learn more about Creation Crate and order a subscription for your favourite creator today. It’s a great way to help develop a love of electronics that will last a lifetime!

Creation Crate giveaway

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  1. I would be getting this for my granddaughter, she would love to receive something like this, how awesome!!

  2. Nice !, I was very happy to stumble upon your blog as it was Canada focused. I will definitely be checking out Creation Crate. My 13 year old daughter will get the kit if I win the giveaway

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