Give the World this Holiday Season with Artisan Boxes from GlobeIn

When it comes to great Christmas gifts, I have a special fondness for items from other countries. A simple home décor item that was handmade by a talented artisan in another country usually becomes a memento that’s treasured for years.

And if you’re shopping for somebody that loves exotic items as much as I do, GlobeIn has a great gift option you’ll want to check out! The company’s Artisan Boxes come in a variety of different themes and feature one-of-a-kind items from other countries. I recently had the chance to check out the Savour Box for myself and I couldn’t wait for it to arrive.

This beautiful set is perfect for an avid cook and features hand painted salt & pepper shakers from the Palestinian Territories, a matching hand painted spoon rest, a hand-carved spice bowl from India and either a palm leaf basket from Mexico or hand-harvested sea salt from the Philippines. Every one of the items was absolutely beautiful, but I loved that they were all so useful too!

globein savour box

The Savour Box came with a small book featuring information about each of the included items and the artisan that had created it. The book also featured suggested uses for each item, something I especially enjoyed. I loved the idea of serving a meal-complimentary spice in the spice bowl to make a unique meal extra special!

The GlobeIn boxes are also available in a variety of other themes, from comfort to cleaning to entertaining, and make a perfect hostess or best friend gift for the holiday season. And for that extra special loved one, GlobeIn boxes are also available as a monthly subscription! It’s a great way to give a special someone a gift that lets them enjoy the beauty of other countries all year long!

globein salt and pepper shakers

I love every unique item in the Savour Box I received, and I can’t wait to check out some of the other boxes the company offers. As an added bonus, if I’m shopping for somebody with very particular tastes, I can also choose items individually. Shoppers that buy three or more items will even receive a free basket for the items with their order! Check out the website and see how unique and beautiful these items are. Finding unique gifts from around the world has never been so easy!

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