Protect Important Items During the Holidays with the SentrySafe Privacy Lock File

The holiday season is coming up fast, and that means fun, food, parties and visitors. But all that merriment also brings some extra safety concerns! Whether you’re travelling to visit family over the holidays or you’re just worried about safeguarding all those fun packages you’re bringing home, a few extra precautions can help set your mind at ease throughout the holidays.

sentrysafe privacy lock file

Personally, I’m a big believer that every family needs a home safe of some sort. While you might not need a large, sophisticated machine bolted securely to your floor, having some secure place to store your insurance papers, birth and marriage certificates, jewellery and even those USB drives full of memories is a must! That’s where the SentrySafe Privacy Lock File HD4100 comes in. This heavy-duty lockbox is small enough for an apartment but still big enough to secure those essential precious items when you’re away from the home. Best of all, it’s both fire and water protected*! Check out my review of the SentrySafe Privacy Lock File HD4100 below.

Since the chest is sized for hanging file folders, it’s also a great way to keep important paperwork organized. Store paperwork in the main compartment and use the straps in the lid for that case of precious jewellery, photo CDs and USB drives. Since so much of our information is in digital form these days, I especially like the fact that the safe is ETL verified for the protection of USB drives, CDs, DVDs and portable hard drives!

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If you’re planning on doing some travelling this holiday season, make sure to secure important items before you go with this handy SentrySafe product. And even if you’re staying near home, making sure your most valuable items are protected from fire and flood is always a wise move. Durable, tested and conveniently sized, this Privacy Lock File is a great addition to any home.

*UL Classified to survive in a fire for 1/2 hour in up to 1550°F / ETL verified for water submersion to protect against flood

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24 thoughts on “Protect Important Items During the Holidays with the SentrySafe Privacy Lock File”

  1. Great tips. I think people are going to be getting safes for their money after Trudue said he would freeze all bank accounts and use the money if needed. Like Greece. Scary thinking they can do that.

  2. Definitely important to protect you important papers items , we have a small fireproof lock box but might have to think about getting this safe.

  3. This would be a great investment for all households to store valuable items & documents. Love that it is fire-safe as well.

  4. wow this is totally cool! i bookmarked this so i can show my husband. I know he would be interested in having this for our valuables and important paper work

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