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I’m lucky enough to be one of those women that doesn’t have too much trouble with being pregnant, but it does still have its challenges. And one of the smaller, yet still vexing ones, is giving up food and drinks that I love. Thai food gives me heartburn. Sushi can be dangerous for the baby. And, hardest of all…I gave up my beloved coffee!

But rather than spend too much time thinking about how much I missed my favourite lattes, I decided to get reacquainted with another favourite drink: tea! For months, a hot cup of tea in the morning has been my favourite way to start the day, and recently I had the chance to try some delicious new flavours and varieties from Adagio Teas.

adagio tea assortment

This company is serious about everything tea and whether you need a new teapot or your want to try some new tea flavours, you’ll find everything you need to satisfy your tea cravings. I had the chance to pick out a few varieties of tea and I must admit that I had a hard time not going overboard!

As a black tea lover, my personal favourite product was the Mango tea. I’ve tried a black tea with mango in the past and absolutely loved it, so I hoped that this tea might live up to my memories of the tea I’d had before. I was thrilled to discover that it was even better than the tea I remembered! The mango adds a creamy, buttery taste to the tea that blends with the black tea leaves to perfection.

adagio tea game of thrones

As an avid Game of Thrones fan, I couldn’t resist also getting the Game of Thrones Fandom Sampler. With six different varieties of Chai tea, it suited my taste in both television and tea just perfectly. My favourite blend was the Targaryen Spirts, a Masala Chai with almond and coconut. And I loved that each variety came in a pretty collectible tin!

Finally, I decided to break out of my comfort zone and try some of the Adagio Teas Iced Tea as well! Making this iced tea is as easy as adding the tea bag to 40 oz. of cold water and letting it steep in the fridge overnight. The next day, I just added some honey to sweeten it a little and some lemon juice for added zing. The final result was delicious and the boys especially absolutely loved it.

adiago iced tea

Adagio Teas wants to treat another tea lover to some tasty summer refreshment, so the company is very generously offering one lucky Mommy Kat and Kids reader a $50 Adagio Teas gift certificate! To enter to win, just leave a blog comment about which variety of Adagio tea you’d most love to try.

As excited as I am to have that first cup of coffee once my baby is born, I must say that switching to tea wasn’t bad at all with high-quality tea like this. In fact, I may just stick with tea instead of coffee for a while now! Check out the full selection of tea and teaware online at Adagio Teas for yourself and see which ones tempt your taste buds. From black to green to herbal blends, you’re sure to love the taste and quality of every cup.

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