Sharing the Best of Edmonton on the Trivago Weekend Travelogue

Living on the Prairies may seem a little limiting when it comes to looking for an exciting weekend road trip excursion, but there are actually quite a few action-packed cities to explore.

And since moving to Saskatoon, one of our family’s favourite destinations is a weekend in Edmonton.

edmonton international fringe theatre festival

The city is bustling with exciting things to do and see, so finding the best of the best can be a challenge.

That’s why I partnered with Trivago to showcase my perfect weekend itinerary for families that will let you see the most appealing attractions that Edmonton has to offer. Find the best places to stay, the most mouth-watering spots to eat and so much more!

Wondering what must-see spots I recommend? It goes without saying that the West Edmonton Mall makes an appearance! With the variety of activities and entertainment (not to mention shopping) that’s available, it’s a perfect destination for families.

west edmonton mall sea lion's rock

But Edmonton has much more to offer, including museums, nature excursions and festivals.

My personal favourite event is the Taste of Edmonton festival. As a self-proclaimed foodie, trying top dishes from Edmonton’s most popular restaurants all in one place is heaven to me!

So if you’re considering a trip to Edmonton, make sure to pop over to the Trivago Room5 blog and read the full post so you’ll be able to see all the best that the city has to offer!

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6 thoughts on “Sharing the Best of Edmonton on the Trivago Weekend Travelogue”

  1. Jacqueline Benedict

    Very Nicely written article!! Edmonton is a beautiful and convenient location to live in, with good surrounding and clean locality.

  2. I never seem to make it that far,my kids are in Sk so we usually just spend our time their.Maybe next trip will take us on to Edmonton ! great post!

  3. Thank you for the interesting article I love visiting Edmonton I love going to the mall I usually go to the valley zoo

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