Using a Practice Test to Help You Pass the Microsoft 70-742 Exam on the First Attempt

Nowadays, good job opportunities are hard to come by. If you want to get a better job, you’ll often need to learn some new skills. This especially applies to the IT sector, because experience is everything there. If you have an extensive set of skills that goes beyond the basics, then you’ll be a more sought-after employee.

The IT sector is growing at a rapid pace, which means that new jobs are created almost everyday. Again, the problem is that if you want to get your hands on these opportunities, you need new knowledge. The issue is that learning something new can be a problem when you are already a working professional and don’t have much free time.

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Certified individuals are highly valued in the IT market. If you are going to learn any new skills, make sure that you get credentials to prove your knowledge. There are a lot of certification vendors worldwide, but one of the best providers of IT certificates that you can find is Microsoft.

Microsoft Certification Program

Microsoft has a lot of certificates to offer. In fact, they offer a whole certification program with different levels and covered technologies. One of the most popular is the MCSA: Windows Server 2016 credential. It is an associate-level certificate with three exams in total that you have to pass.

Microsoft 70-742 is the last of them and passing it means you earn this well-known certification. Exam-Labs 70-742 Practice Test is quite a difficult test. Proper preparation is essential for anyone that wants to pass the test their first time.

Description of the Microsoft 70-742 Exam

Microsoft 70-742 is a great exam, because so much is learned during the process. The test evaluates the candidate’s ability to manage, install, and configure Windows Server 2016. Passing this certification test is perfect for those individuals who are looking for entry-level positions in the IT sector.

The exam pattern is pretty straightforward; students will have to answer around 40 to 60 questions and will be given 2 hours to answer all of them. Anyone that scores at least 70% at the end passes the test.

There are no particular restrictions on this exam and anyone can take it. However, it is recommended that the applicants have some prior knowledge in the field. If you are able to pass it, potential job opportunities might include:

  • Network Engineer
  • IT Professional
  • System Engineer
  • Network Administrator
  • System Administrator

Steps to Prepare for the Microsoft 70-742 Exam

To pass this Microsoft exam with flying colors, studying is a must. But before planning your schedule and starting to overload yourself with new information, make sure you follow these two important steps:

1) Know the Exam Objectives

When you are preparing for the Microsoft 70-742 test, one of the first things that you need to do is learn about the exam topics. There are multiple subjects that you need to cover. You’ll need to know about implementation, creation, installation, management, and maintenance of: Active Directory Certificate Services, Identity Federation and Access Solutions, Active Directory Domain Services and Group Policy. Be ready to cover any of these topics to make sure you’re prepared for any questions during the actual test.

2) Find Reliable Study Materials

Once you have gone through the topics of the exam, you should start looking for study materials. If you visit the official Microsoft website, you will find a lot of prep recommendations including study guides and training lectures. You may also want to consider other sources, like an Exam-Labs study bundle.

The bundle contains everything you need to prepare for the test. In addition to a study guide and training videos, you’ll also be able to access practice questions. By trying a few of the questions and seeing how you do, you’ll know if you need to keep studying or if you’re ready to take the test.

There’s no question that IT certification can be hard to get, but proper preparation goes a long way. If you’ve been making plans to get your MCSA: Windows Server 2016 credentials, knowing the topics and getting the right study materials and practice tests will help ensure your success!

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