5 Subtle Signs a Child Needs Glasses

Does my kid need glasses? As a parent, it can be hard to know if your child might need glasses, especially when they’re young.

Kids often don’t realize anything is wrong with their vision, so it’s up to us, as parents to keep an eye out for signs they might be struggling.


There can be many impacts of eye problems in children, including poor performance at school and avoiding certain activities kids usually enjoy.

Making sure any potential eye problems are diagnosed quickly is essential to your child’s overall wellbeing. It’s very possible your child’s eyesight is fine, but if there is an issue, glasses for kids may help reduce the risk of their eyes worsening prematurely in the future.

To make sure you know what to look for, keep an eye out for these five signs that may mean your child needs glasses:

1. Covering One Eye or Tilting Head

Amblyopia, commonly known as lazy eye, is a common eye problem in many children.

In most cases, a child suffering from a lazy eye struggles to see clearly straight on, and may tilt the head to change the angle of their vision. Others may cover one eye in an attempt to increase clarity.

If you notice your child doing either, it may mean your child has a lazy eye, or that their eyes are misaligned and glasses are needed to correct the issue.

2. Excessive Rubbing of Eyes

For the most part, occasional eye rubbing is a pretty regular thing among children.

However, excessive rubbing can sometimes be a result of eye strain or fatigue. It can also be an indication of various types of vision conditions and problems.

If you feel like your child’s eye rubbing goes beyond what’s normal, an eye exam is likely a good decision.


3. Struggles With Reading

Learning to read is a challenge for all children, and it can be even harder if your child’s vision isn’t at its best.

In many cases, a child with vision problems may find themselves skipping lines or losing their place on a page when trying to read.

If you notice these signs, your child may have problems seeing clearly, so consider making a visit to an eye doctor.

4. Tearing Excessively

Watering eyes isn’t something that you should see in a child unless they’re upset. If your child’s eyes tear excessively, it’s a major indicator that their vision may be suffering.

Excessive tearing may result from lagophthalmos – a medical condition that affects the closing of eyelids during the night, causing the eyes to dry out and subsequently leading to excessive tearing when they wake up.


There is a good chance your child needs glasses if they have excessively teary eyes, so make sure to mention the issue to your eye doctor.

5. Holding Gadgets Close to Eyes

Do you notice your child holding their phone close to their face or sitting too close to the TV?

If the answer is yes, there’s a chance they may be suffering from myopia, or near-sightedness. Myopia is one of the most common eye problems in children, and it has been becoming more frequent in recent years.

Early diagnosis and treatment is one of the best ways to ensure that myopia doesn’t worsen, so make sure to get your child’s eyes checked as soon as possible if you notice signs of it.


In many cases, a child may temporarily display one of these five traits naturally as their eyesight develops. To ensure that their eyesight is healthy, make sure to always book your children an annual eye exam.

You may find out that your child’s eyesight is just fine, but being sure is always the best decision!

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