How To Make Your Hair Grow Faster

On average, hair grows at a rate of half an inch per month. But this speed can be influenced by other things, including your genes and your age.

Some people’s hair naturally grows quickly, while others struggle to increase their length. And as you age, changes in hormone production can slow down your hair’s overall growth.


While there isn’t much you can do to speed up the growth process, there are a few things that may help make your hair grow faster:

Use the Right Products

Hair needs to be hydrated and nurtured with the right nutrients every day. That means choosing haircare products from a high-quality collection, like purple shampoo for blondes, for example.

The reason is simple: a high-quality haircare line will enrich your hair with the nutrients it needs for optimal growth.

Good haircare products also use natural ingredients and are free of harsh chemicals that might damage your hair.

Damaged hair grows slower. Looking after your hair properly may not significantly affect the speed of hair growth, but it will make sure your hair’s natural growth is as fast as it can be.


Try Caffeine

Believe it or not, caffeine can boost more than just your energy levels! Its stimulating effect can also stimulate hair follicles to increase hair growth.

While just drinking coffee can provide a mild benefit, using cold coffee as a rinse is an even better way to help stimulate hair follicles with caffeine.

And the flavonoids in coffee will help give you softer, smoother hair as well!

Stop Smoking

It’s no secret that cigarettes are harmful to your body, but you may not know that they’re actually harmful to your hair as well!

Smoking slows circulation, and that slower circulation can stop your hair follicles from getting the nutrients needed for optimal growth.

Deciding to butt out for good will help improve the nutrients your hair absorbs, making your hair healthier and letting it grow faster.


Essential Oils

Essential oils are becoming more popular for a variety of different beauty concerns. When it comes to hair growth, recent research suggests that some essential oils, including peppermint, bergamot, and rosemary oil, may provide a benefit.

Research is ongoing, but as long as you don’t have any allergies to the oil and you’ve diluted it properly in a neutral carrier oil, massaging the scalp with an essential oil may just provide a hair growth boost!

Change Your Diet

A healthy diet improves overall health and all the functions of your body, including the growth of your hair. So, choose meals that include plenty of fruits and vegetables, and minimize processed foods.

There are even foods that can help repair damaged hair, including salmon, avocado, and walnuts, so to help nourish your hair and scalp, consider adding them to your diet as well.

Hair Massage

A scalp massage can be a luxurious treat, but it can also help stimulate the production and distribution of nutrients to keep your hair healthy.

You can either massage your scalp yourself, either with your fingertips or a special scalp massager, or request a little TLC from your significant other. It’s an indulgent way to improve your hair health!


It can be difficult to find ways to make your hair grow faster, but using these tips will help to ensure your hair is in the best condition possible.

And when your hair is healthy, its growth rate will be the best that it can be, resulting in longer, stronger hair in less time!

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