4 Simple Ways to Save On Groceries

If you’ve been feeling like it’s more expensive to put food on the table for your family, you’re right. Between inflation and supply chain issues, prices in grocery stores have hit an all-time high across the board.

And, depending on where you live, you may be paying even more than everyone else. In Tennessee, for example, groceries are 2% higher than the national average. It may not seem like much, but that 2% adds up with every trip you make.


With food suddenly taking more money from your budget, things might be tight for your family.

Some people have even needed to use their savings or run up their credit cards just to feed their families.

Luckily, there are always ways to save on groceries! Start getting your budget under control with these tips:

Why You Need to Find Savings Soon

Why is it so important to get a handle on your food expenses — besides freeing up more cash in your budget, of course?

While using credit cards and savings might seem like a reasonable move when it comes to paying for weekly groceries, you may be setting yourself up for challenges if you have an emergency expense later.


When short on funds in an emergency, most people take out personal loans. But what if your maxed-out credit card has put a dent in your credit score?

While it may seem like online payday loans are your only option, these short term loans come with a high price. Even the best payday loan Tennessee has to offer is due back by your next payday.

If your paycheck isn’t big enough to handle a payday loan and your other bills at the same time, there are alternatives to payday loans in Tennessee.

From lines of credit to installment loans for bad credit, other options give you more time to repay. But the best solution is to avoid a loan altogether by finding ways to save on groceries now.

What Can You Do to Cut Costs?

If you’re looking for ways to feed your family without having to dip into your savings account, try these 4 ideas for saving money on your grocery bill:

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1. Use Coupons

There are plenty of coupon and rebate apps available for download, and using them can mean you never have to pay full price for ingredients again.

Before you go shopping, scroll through these apps to find out which discounted items to include in the week’s meals for the best savings.

And remember to price-match when possible! In most cases, showing a screenshot of the sale-priced item on your phone is all you need to get stores to match the price.

2. Store Food Properly

One of the biggest costs in the kitchen is food waste. Stop throwing away money and make food last longer by storing it properly.

Here are some fresh tips that will extend the shelf life of your produce:

  • Wrap your greens and herbs in paper towels before storing in the fridge
  • Store cut carrots in water to keep them fresh
  • Keep strawberries in mason jars to stop them from spoiling too quickly

3. Buy Frozen and Canned

Fresh fruits and vegetables are some of the most expensive items in the supermarket. It’s only made worse if they spoil before you can eat them. Frozen produce is up to 50% cheaper, and it can be stored for months.

Pantry food is also an inexpensive way to cut back on groceries bills. Look for canned goods that pack a nutritional punch, like black beans and diced tomatoes.

You might be amazed by the tasty meals you can create using canned beans and vegetables!

4. Find Budget Cooking Sites

You aren’t the only mom looking for ways to cut costs at the grocery store. There are tons of families in the exact same situation, and many of them are online, sharing their top tips.

Join a Facebook group about budget cooking, or check out some recipes from your favorite budget blogger for ultra-cheap, yet yummy dinner ideas.

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Bottom Line

Groceries are only going to get more expensive in the upcoming months. Try these tips to help you save on groceries and handle rising food prices without having to struggle.

Any savings you find can help ensure you keep the family budget on track!

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