Creating Fun Outdoor Spaces: A Guide to Choosing Outdoor Play Equipment

When it comes to shopping for products for children, a parent’s focus is usually on two main attributes: quality and affordability.


But when you’re shopping for outdoor play equipment, there can be other important factors to consider as well, whether you’re shopping for a sturdy wooden doll house or a simple sandbox.

Before you start your shopping, keep these tips for choosing the best outdoor play equipment in mind:

Benefits of Outdoor Play

Physical Development and Health

Engaging in outdoor play helps children develop gross motor skills and enhances their physical strength and stamina.

Whether it’s running, jumping, or navigating an obstacle course, outdoor play equipment helps keep children active, promoting their health and fitness.

Regular physical activity not only helps in maintaining a healthy weight, but also supports heart health and bone development.

Cognitive Growth

Outdoor play can also encourage cognitive development in a unique and engaging manner.

An outdoor sandbox can become a real-life, tactile lesson about texture, volume, and creativity. Equipment like swings and seesaws help children understand basic physics principles, such as gravity and motion.

These hands-on play experiences help to make learning more tangible and enjoyable.

Social and Emotional Skills

One of the biggest benefits of outdoor play is the fact that it gives children a chance to interact and collaborate with one another.

Children may learn to take turns on the slide, share a sandbox, and engage in imaginative group play.

These interactions foster social and emotional skills, including empathy, negotiation, and communication.

kids on trampoline

Choosing the Right Outdoor Play Equipment

There are plenty of things to consider when deciding on the best outdoor play equipment for your yard.

Taking your time to consider different aspects of the play equipment you’re considering can help to ensure your child gets the most out of their new toys.

Keep these factors in mind when choosing outdoor play equipment:

Age Appropriateness

One of the first factors to consider before deciding on an outdoor toy is the age of the child. Toys and playsets should align with the child’s developmental stage to ensure they are both safe and stimulating.

For instance, a simple slide or a sandbox might be suitable for toddlers, while older children may enjoy a complex climbing frame or a larger swing set.


Safety is a paramount concern when selecting outdoor play equipment. All the products you are considering should be designed with safety in mind, adhering to high safety standards.

Look for equipment with smooth edges, robust construction, and stable bases. If the equipment has elevated areas, they should have secure railings.

Safety also extends to the installation process – make sure any outdoor pieces you add are correctly installed and anchored to prevent tipping or instability.


Outdoor play equipment needs to withstand varying weather conditions and robust play. Take your climate into consideration when thinking about the items you’re considering.

prides itself on offering durable, high-quality products that can endure the test of time. Choosing durable equipment ensures that it is a safe and long-lasting investment.

Variety and Interest

Some children prefer quieter, more creative play, while others might prefer higher energy activities. That’s why considering your child’s interests is so important.

Then, to ensure your child continues to enjoy their time outdoors, consider adding a variety of different outdoor toys to help keep them engaged.

Some options to consider could include swings, slides, climbing frames, sandboxes, trampolines, and even whole playhouses.

A varied play environment can cater to a broad range of skills and interests, ensuring that playtime is always exciting and enriching.

Space Availability

Before making any final decisions on play equipment, make sure to head out to your yard and take a good look at the available space.

The great thing about outdoor toys is that there are so many different designs available to suit different sized yards.

Take a look at your own outdoor space and decide how much of it you’re willing to dedicate to outdoor play equipment.

Then, check the measurements of the pieces you’re considering to make sure they’ll work in your designated area.

boy on swing

Creating a fun and safe outdoor play area is a great way to actively invest in your child’s growth and development.

And by taking the time to choose play equipment that’s safe, sturdy, and tailored to your child’s unique interests, you’ll be helping to encourage physical activity, creativity, and appreciation for the great outdoors.

From swing sets and slides to climbing walls and outdoor instruments, there’s no limit to the fun you can add to your child’s own back yard.

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